hello. i am glad you are here.

i am angela brian.
i am married to cory brian.
i have a beautiful daughter brynlee.
and i have an absolute craving for positive inspiration.
whole heartily i believe in the law of attraction and the power positivity can play in your life.
i have known these truths for years, yet struggled to implement them.
not anymore.
today i am happy to start 'oh be happy'
my way for me to keep track of all things beautiful, inspiring, crafty, and loving in my life.

really, anything that MAKES ME HAPPY!!!

let's get started....

Pinned ImageRussian Doll print poster, inspirational art, quote art , matryoshka, retro print, nursery art, -   You are beautiful inside and out  A3

loving these two prints pinterest recently introduced to me:

1. found on tumblr, plz email if yours, i have been dying to get a print.
2. russian doll print poster. (click for link)

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