DIY: onesie makeover

i am officially 11 weeks pregnant.
i know i should wait till week 12 to tell,
but we're ready to blab.
(find my weekly pregnancy blabbings on my personal blog, found here.)
this being my first, people closest to me already know.
now you get to know!
so in light of the news i thought i would feature a onesie makeover tutorial.
this is created by ashley ann. LOVE.HER.BLOG.
i love that it different from your usual onesie makeover.
can you tell i hope my little zygote is a girl?
(some days i hope it's a boy, today i want it to be a girl)

to see the full tutorials, click below:


DIY: secret storage books

guess what.
the books on the top shelf, they're not books!
instead, they are very crafty ways to make secret storage spaces.
i love the idea.
i have seen people cut out holes in books and hide stuff inside,
but that is way too time consuming.
why not just make your very own secret storage book and call it a day!
this project was created by brenna from paper and ink (cute tutorials),
but the tutorial will be found on Design*Sponge.

to see how to make the secret storage books, click below


DIY: family of spooks

why not use a family of spooks to welcome friends
into your home for the halloween season?
these little ghosts are simple to make and great on any budget.
the project was found on countryliving.com.
sadly, this halloween i wont be decorating.
it's hard to decorate a elementary school for the season.
luckily, next year we will be back in utah
and completely motivated to get decorating.

to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: mod-podge tile coasters

i don't have a lot of time.
the new modern family is going to start soon!
(we LOvE that show)
but i had to get this post in today.
i wanted to show you a tutorial from jamie curtis
she is the author of the blog prudent baby,
she shared this tutorial on htwm (that's where i found it).
the best part is this craft is super simple,
simple crafts are my absolute favorite.

to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: wallpaper origami boxes

want people to see your tutorials?
write me.
i would love to feature your creations.
plus + i LOvE finding new blogs to stalk.
 . . . . . . . . .
recently the lovely lora got in touch with me.
after falling in love with her blog,
i am happy to introduce lorajean's magazine to you.
she has created many fantastic tutorials,
all of which will be featured on GS sooner or later.
today we will start with her origami box tutorial.
this is one of those tutorials that get you excited to craft.
to see her full tutorial, click below:
. . . . . . . . . . .


DIY: halloween stamp art

keeping it simple.
i think this is such a great idea from tatertots and jello.
she took the concept from the ali edwards heart print (see here).
halloween is such a fun time of year for everyone.
kids get to dress up and eat candy.
and us girls get to do what we do best, decorate.

to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: ribbon pumpkins

this project is more of an idea than a tutorial.
but what a cute idea.
my mom called and asked me to find her halloween projects.
well here is the first of many many more to come.
i found this idea on a new favorite, johnson journal.
her blog makes me want to be a better wife.
she is incredible.
check her out.
to see the full post, click below:


DIY: dip die pillows and lamp shades

wow. i can't believe i am back, seems like it has been forever.
sorry about that. i was super sick. yuck.
anyways, i AM here again and ready to post more fun DIY finds.
here is a great find:
its from kate at design*sponge.
once again she has created a fantastic and easy to follow tutorial.
i love her idea of turning plain simple things like a lamp or a pillow
into something super vibrant and full of character.
 to see the full tutorial, click below:
* dip die pillows and lamp shades *