DIY: Lovely Pinwheels

i can think of so many ways to use these.
this is staying my my project archive for sure!

* paper pinwheels *

DIY: Fabric Headboard

well you don't need me to tell you where this craft came from!
such a fun project, i can't wait to make one of my own.


DIY: pussy willow branches

i want to make these.
i found them on betz white, i love her blog.

if you want to see this project how to and other projects, click below.

DIY: Suprise Balls

I LOvE this idea.
My younger sister would die to have this little present to unwrap.
clever people at Not Martha.

find out how to do this clever present/craft and

be the party's favorite gift giver, click below:

* suprise balls *

DIY: shredded paper bowl

i found this craft on womens day

if you want to see the full step by step instructions to make

these beautiful shredded paper bowls, click below:

* shredded paper bowls *

you can also find this craft from its original source:


DIY: wine bottle vases


i don't know if you can tell but i adore these vases!

the idea came from design sponge.
. simply perfect .

to see full instructions, click below:

* wine bottle vases *

------ one more thing -----

i not only LOvE the vase in the second picture, but check out that awesome paint job. what a fun way to make a small table pop

DIY: ikea tray hacked

.plain ikea tray. hack. gorgeous new piece.
spray paint. cork. creativity.
kate at design sponge is the queen of ikea hacking.
to see the full instructions, click below.


DIY: Crepe Paper Garland

i grew up in a family where birthdays were huge.
mulitple happy birthday banners, at least 100 ballons (not joking)
and of course streamers everywhere!
i love this idea from life in the fun lane.
what a fun way to celebrate your friends special day!
to see the full tutorial, click below.


DIY: air freshener

a simple must do.


for the full instructions on this lovely idea

from design sponge, click below:


* acorn air freshener *