friday phone unload.

i have seen people devote a post just to "unload" all the pics they have been hoarding on their phone.
oh man have i am a picture hoarder.
they should have twelve step programs for these kinds of things.
i think dumping all my photos will be great!
it also is a fun way for me watch my peanut grow throughout the weeks.
don't worry i would never think to post them all, you would die from old age before you finished looking at them all. just posting the ones i like.
my little bryn is almost one people!
this time last year i was miserable.
oh gosh.
just remembering the bathroom breaks in the middle of night makes me one grateful girl.
i am glad that is over, but i know it must be done again!

1. imagination park, pleasant grove, utah.
2. my parents backyard sand pit.
3. kangaroo zoo, pleasant grove, utah.
4. Thanksgiving point, lehi, utah.
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