fun way to suprise the hubs.

My husband works two weeks on then two weeks off.
He usually calls me from work and says, "Lets go on a trip when I get home."
So I made sure in the two weeks of him being home we would make it happen.
(this is actually a fun way to earn brownie points with the hubs)
I decided we would go to Vegas. Our friends were flying into sin city from Hawaii and I tought it would be fun to meet them there. Let's face it trips are always soo much more fun with friends.
I decided to make the trip a suprise. Completely spontanious, which he loves.
The best part is how I told him.
 First I booked the hotel, I made sure it was the same one our friends were staying at. Then I packed EVERYTHING (for all three of us). Last I grabbed an old onesie and wrote our destination on it!
Cory came home to find the suit cases by the door. Before he could ask what was going on Bryn came running around the corner wearing this onesie.... instantly it all made sense!

This little chunk had her FIRST birthday yesterday!
Birthday post coming soon!