finally, a sunny day!

The sun is here, the sun is here! I am so excited, I can't barely pull myself together! For two years I lived in a cold dark place, an Alaskan tundra. There I froze, today the weather in Bethel is a whopping 14 degrees. (and that is good weather for april). I am so happy and so grateful to be out of Alaska and back in Utah. Winter in Utah is NOTHING compared to the -50* winter in Bethel. So to celebrate such a sunny, warm, cloudless day bryn and I went for a little nature walk. There is a cute little farm behind us and their sheep just had babies!!! Is there anything more cute in this world then a baby anything? I totally forgot to snap pics of the adorable new sheep babies, to busy trying to get a good shot of bryn. This girl sure is a go getter! But I wouldn't have it any other way!

I had just taken a giant stick out of her hands, check out the look she gave me!

Oh to have the mind of a child, she can find wonder in anything!
Even a little crack in the side walk!

Like I said she is a go getter! If this girl wants something nothing can stop her.
Serioiusly just like her father, probably one of my absolute favorite things about her!
This girl has got drive!

I loved this sunny day!
Bryn you are one fun girl to explore with!
Love, Mom.