DIY: fabric pom poms

aren't these pom poms just fantastic?
perfect for a wedding, new babies room... so many possibilities!
this project comes from once wed
the steps are simple. just like the rosette wreath posting i have up
they used a Chinese lantern as the base for this project
can't find a Chinese lantern, a Styrofoam ball should work

if you like this project as much as i do
check our the complete instructions, click below:

DIY: acorn valentines wreath

with valentines day coming up... kinda soon
i thought it would be fun to show you another wreath i found
(i am on a wreath kick right now)
this one is a perfect for your front door
what a fun way to welcome the neighbors
the project might be a little tedious, but it's cheap
so anyone on a budget, this is perfect for you!

this project comes from dana at MADE
if you like the project and want to try it out for yourself
check out the full instructions, click below:

need some more inspiration?
she also made one in green and one in white
i personally LOVE the green


DIY: spray paint art

what a fun thing to do with spray paint
this project from krylon shouldn't take you more than two or three hours
plus you can do it in any color, think of the possibilities!
think this is a project and want to try it yourself
check out the easy to follow instructions, click below:

DIY: gorgeous felt pillows

these pillows are absolutely gorgeous!
.molly from purlbee is brilliant.
to find the materials and steps needed to make these
click below:

DIY: custom corkboards

i have loved design*sponge the past couple of days.
this project is so exciting
and she give you the template to trace and use yourself
i think i might want to try creating my own
this DIY project came from jennifer wolfe
to see the instructions for this project click below:

DIY: Ikea lamp modified

kate from design*sponge did it again
i personally LOVE everything ikea.
but why not spruce up their stuff a bit?
you can get these lamps for less than 10 dollars, way cheap!
if you want to see the actual instructions for this DIY project
click below:
this project is so inspiring . and . so easy!


DIY: custom pillows

i just love pillows, especially custome pillows.
i can't wait to buy a little house and start decorating!
this project came from kate at design*sponge
want to see the actual instructions click below:

DIY: board and batten

you must check out this amazing DIY project i found from finger prints on the fridge.
she totally transforms her entry way with some wood, glue, and patience.
if you like this project and want to try it yourself
check out her easy to follow instructions, click here:
* board and batten *

DIY: argyle sock vases

check out these awesome argyle sock vase coverings. it seems this would be a perfect Saturday afternoon project. instead of throwing out those pairs of socks that seem to have lost their pair, use the abandoned sock to create a fun project or two.
this project was found on design*sponge
if you want to see the actual listing click below:

DIY: can't paint? use contact paper!

you might think this awesome chevron design took some paint and extremely steady hands...well it didn't. actually there is no paint involved whatsoever. this wonderful idea comes from stephanie sabbe at sabbespot. she says that her and her are city dwellers, who like most, can't paint their apartments. well, that didn't bother this talented interior designer. she bought contact paper and got right to work.
what a creative idea to give your "space" some personality.
to see the full instructions for this project click below:

DIY: bike chainring clock

this is a totally funky project with a twist of modern.
the bike chainring clock might look like a lot of work
but its really not.
if you want the full instructions for the project click below:

DIY: almost vintage earings

personally i love these earrings.
i have bough several at forever21 at $3.80 for a pair. gosh.
this is such a fun way to create your own earring, for cheap.
plus you can make them any color you choose.
for the instructions to this awesome d.i.y project click below:

DIY: drawer hangers

This is such a cute project.
It will take time and probably help from your husband.
There are many instructions, I think it's best if
you just go straight to Design*Sponge for the steps on this one.
Click below to go straight to info on the project:

DIY: fun pottery knock off

A simple way to fix up any old bottle, vase, or lamp.
I found this again on Design*Sponge.
They got the idea from Erica Domesek from P.S. I Made This.
1: using the puffy paint create your own fabulous pattern
2: let your paint dry, then spray paint!

If you want to see erica's actual instructions on d*s click below:

*faux pottery makeover*

DIY: doilie print tote

This is a fun project to do with some free time.
I found this project on one of my new favorite sites:
Ashley Campbell is so creative.
I love all the inspiring crafts she comes up with.
You'll find a lot of my posts will come from her site.
For complete instructions on this project click below:

DIY: rosette felt pillow

The instructions for the project are extremely similar to the project I posted right this one. So instead of going over the instructions again, I'll just send you to the site:
Etsy is a great place to find great project and buy supplies.


DIY: ruffly felt rosette wreath

I LOVE THIS! I found this from Kristen at Domestifluff... umm LOVE the name! She said that she was inspired by a felt rosette pillow tutorial that she saw on ETSY. I checked that out as well and will post that project right after this one. I absolutely adore how this looks. I know the holidays are over but how fun would this be in a baby girls room!
I can't wait to get started.
If you like this project and want to try it yourself
to check our kristens full instructions, click below:
* ruffly felt rosette wreath *

Time: hours.

Once you finish your project don't stop there, using other Styrofoam forms you can create so many fabulous projects. . . rossette ball anyone??

DIY: create wall art with toliet paper rolls

I found this project on Design*Sponge, they got the project from tali at Growing Up Creative. I am currently collecting toliet paper rolls to start the project (with just me and my husband at home, this could take awhile). This is such a fun way to up-cycle items whose usual home is the trash.

Toilet Paper rolls
White glue
Paint + brushes
Laundry pins

1. Crush paper roll
2. Cut into approximately 5 equal parts don’t have to be exact
3. Place the rolls on a flat surface creating a desired pattern. spend time trying different compositions and patterns.
4. Glue where rolls are touching, hold with laundry pins to dry. You may use a stapler as an alternative, what ever is easier. I find that glue is easier for the younger kids.
5. You may paint and add sparkles. Sprinkle the glitter on the wet paint, this way it will sticks and you wont need any glue.
6. You may expend the pattern in to an organic cell growth. The challenge is when to say STOP.