DIY: cup cake liner pom banner

design*sponge has never failed me.
i love this project made from cup cake liners.
to see the full tutorial, click below:



DIY: how to make your boppy even better (boppy cover tutorial)

i have been told by many friends that they adored their boppy and that it's a must have for this coming year.
after hearing this i took a look at the many boppy prints out there.
don't get me wrong i saw some pretty cute ones.
but then i came across this tutorial from gros grain fabulous,
 where you can make your own cover!
so cute. now i can have one in any fabric print i want.
i love clever people.
to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: gorgeous doilie mobile

i am so excited to finally meet my little tummy dweller.
while she continues to grow and kick everyday
i spend my time searching for cute (yet easy) mobile projects.
i really liked this tutorial from make grow gather
it is simple enough for me to make here in bethel.
plus it is super cute, they did a great job!

to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: felt rose poms + GS turns one!

yes. it is true.
one year ago i started this blog as a place for me to keep track of my favorite projects.
(my d.i.y project archive)
i was shocked when i got 5 followers and to think that now i almost have 500.
so a big THANK YOU to all my readers and the wonderful comments you leave.
AND a even bigger THANK YOU to all the creative bloggers out there,
without your fantastic tutorials to feature this blog would be nothing.


want people to see your tutorials?
write me.
i would love to feature your creations.
plus + i LOvE finding new blogs to stalk.
. . . . . . . . .
recently the super cool hilary got in touch with me.
i am soooo excited to introduce her blog spending less living more to you!
(this is the first feature of year two of this blog)
hilary has amazing creative talent and her blog has tons of project tutorials.
today i am excited to feature her felt rose pom project with you!
she teaches you how to think outside the box and make them without the styrofoam ball center.
i loved it and am sure you will too.
to see her full tutorial, click below:
. . . . . . . . . . .


DIY: polaroid magnet frame tutorial

sometimes the most simple projects turn out to be my favorite.
just like this tutorial from paper and stitch.
these are magnet frames are just too cute, let make some!

to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: framed conversation heart art

this project is fantastic.
the creativity people have is amazing.
maybe one day some crafting talent will rub off on me. maybe.
this project is from my creative departure.

to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: ottoman remix

this awesome ottoman remix is from meet virginia.
which, if you don't already know, is an amazing blog.
super super super cute!
he tutorial is easy to follow and she was able to thrift her fabric, so exciting!
to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: crystal pendants

i have really enjoyed the past couple days of project searching.
somedays i find nothing worth while, while on other i find TONS of fantastic projects.
i was really excited to find this project on little birdie secrets.
a super cute and simple (and fast) way to make your own pendant jewelry.
i want to make one sooo bad.
to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: how to make rosette fabric flowers

i really enjoy finding similar projects but done in different ways.
like take this rosette fabric flower tutorial from simply modern mom.
her technique is one i haven't seen before.
but i sure like how they turned out,
the scrunched look is just adorable.

to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: creative wedding gift wrapping + a question for you!?

hi. again.
i know you don't want to hear from me twice in one day, BUT i have a question.
i would really like to re-vamp my site for year two of my blog.
like a complete blog make-over (keeping along with the GS theme tho)
and i just was wondering if you guys knew of any good blog designers.
anyone you would recommend?
even yourself.
i want to hear from you.
- - -
well here is another project.
i have a hard time making a post without a feature.
this project is from re-nest
and actually it is more of an idea than a project.
but i love it none the less.
(using a goregous dish towel to wrap a wedding gift)
to see the full tutorial, click below:

DIY: kids valentines: ipod heart candy cover

hello again.
today's post is short and sweet.
my husband just left for work (yes. he works through the night) so i am going to get my hulu on!
haha. i need to catch up on my glee, wipeout, and modern family.
speaking of modern family, did anyone catch wednesdays episode?
PRICELESS. i loved it!
- - -
well just so that you still get your project fix for the day
here is a fun project from family fun.
i am big into free printables, especially being a primary teacher
(primary just means i teach the really young kids a my church)
it is so easy to find a fun printable to make a cute little handout for the kids.
the kids love it because they are four and will love anything.
i love it because it is EASY.
anyways, i saw this post and thought it was a great idea for valentines day treats.
they just easily go over the message heart candy boxes.
to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: ornate button earrings

first of all this tutorial is fantastic.
honestly. one of my favorites!
second how CUTE are these earrings?
i can't wait to make some.
i think you'll feel the same after you check out the tutorial.
this project is from one of my new blogger friends Haley
 she writes Life Is Sweet.
(super cute blog by the way)

to see the full tutorial, click below:
- - - - -
thank you HALEY for letting me post your tutorial!

DIY: baby girl yoga pants

guess what i forgot to tell the blogging world.
i didn't even post this on my personal blog.
with this news i had to find the perfect tutorial.
i think i found it.
baby girl yoga pants from samster mommy.

to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: valentines day hugs and kisses banner

yay. more valentines day projects.
i really enjoy finding different banner ideas.
this one i really like.
it was found on moda bake shop.

to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: shoe clips how-to

look at what i just came across over at grosgrain...
a fantastic month of shoe clips.
yes. you heard me right a month!
here are two of the many many shoe clip tutorials.
i promise you'll love it.

to see this shoe clip tutorial, click below:

to see this shoe clip tutorial, click below:

DIY: burlap heart wreath

it's mind blowing to me just how many hoidays there are.
i feel we are always jumping from one to another.
wasn't it just yesterday that i was posting about christmas?
and now valentines day, sheesh. this year is already going by way too fast.
- - -
this project is from diary of a craftaholic.
to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: cardboard faux logs

when i first saw this project i was blown away.
seriously who would ever thing to make logs out of cardboard??
but after taking a long look at the tutorial,
i fell in love with this idea.
seriously it is easier than you think and look how great they look in the fireplace.
just make sure you remember not to turn it on.
i don't think plaster would smell good burnt.
i found this on design*sponge.

to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: plush toy camera tutorial

want people to see your tutorials?
write me.
i would love to feature your creations.
plus + i LOvE finding new blogs to stalk.
. . . . . . . . .
lovely kate recently got in contact with me.
so today i am happy to introduce her blog, see kate sew, to you!
i have found inspiration from her ideas many times.
well this year she made a resolution to get into photography,
and to kick off her new goal she created this super cute plush camera tutorial.
isn't her little man a handsome model??
ah. i am getting baby hungry just looking at him... sooo cute!
ooo and my favorite part of the project is how she used a picture as the lcd screen.
that is some creative brain power!
i hope you enjoy her project, i know i sure did!
* T H A N K S  K A T E *
to see the full tutorial, click below:
. . . . . . . . . . .


DIY: sticks + frame = LOvE! (how to make branch art)

hello there.
i think you are here to find DIY projects.
ooo i am right?
how did i know?
here is a fun project for you.
check it out.
to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: billy button flowers

okay. okay. i am back.
i am not going to lie to you... taking a blogging break is great!
but it is good to be back.
anyways. lets get DIY-ing.
i was going through some of the projects i wanted to feature last year,
some the for some reason never got posted.
so here you go. the next couple of days we are going to play catch up,
so you might get one or two or three projects a day.
but whose complaining. not me.
this project comes from mrs. priss.
(you'll probably hear from me again today)
to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: fabric pom pom neckalce

first of all lets state the obvious...
happy new year!
i really hope everyone had a great holiday, i sure have been enjoy myself.
sorry my blog kinda died there for a second.
i have been living in up here in utah and am trying to soak in every second of family, friends, and food.
so i thought it would only be fair to inform you that my blog will continue to be dead till
(when i will be back in alaska, unpacked, and ready to focus on DIY again)
anyways, because i love my readers i couldn't help but feature a project today...

 i am smitten with this necklace,
though i don't know what you would call it. 
this little rosette/ pom pom flower necklace is just too cute.
loving it.
i am also loving the blog the tutorial came from, little miss momma, go check it out.
IMG_1566to see the full tutorial, click below: