DIY: last minute halloween printables

some last minute printable's,
for those last minute candy givers.

the first couple are fantastic halloween banners.
so if you think your outside decor just isn't up to par this year,
throw a halloween banner up for a little more umph.

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this banner i found on all sorts.
to get the full download, click below:

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this banner was found on jeanie and jewell.

for the full download, click below:

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this last banner was found on finding my aloha (love her blog)
for the full download, click below:

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now what if you run out a tasty treats?
this will be perfect for your home!
this was also found on finding my aloha.
 for the full download, click below:

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this halloween spoof from the keep calm and carry on signs is adorable.
it was found on craftily ever after.
for the full download, click below:

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this cute neighborhood treat sharing sign was found on kinzies kreations.
for the full download, click below:

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this is another treat sharing sign.
i couldn't choose which i liked best,
so i thought i would post both.
this was found on anders ruff.
to get the full download, click below:



DIY: pretty painted pumpkins

i can't wait for next halloween.
we will finally be out of alaska and
back in utah living in our own home (at least that's the plan).
ah, the thought of leaving the land of bitter cold is almost to good to be true.
being a gilbert, arizona girl at heart... i need heat.
but other than the excitement of being out of 50 below weather,
i am also very excited to decorate for the holidays next year.
which brings me to this tutorial by alisa burke.
she takes pumpkin decorating to a whole new level.
i love it.
my mom is a true artist. i mean wow, she is extremely talented.
so this project is def something we will take on together next year.
i can't wait to see what creativity she will pour into her pumpkins.
they will be amazing. i seriously can't wait!
to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: autumn bloom belt

i have a question, unrelated to DIY
does anyone know where i can find cute maternity clothes online?
since i live where i do i have to order all my clothes online.
no target, no mall, no anything.
any clothes i have seen are kinda "older" looking.
i am looking for something a little more trendy.
any answers would be greatly appreciated!

we have here an autumn bloom belt, created by cheri from
this idea is not only gorgeous by actually pretty simple.
her tutorial is perfect.
it has just the right amount of pictures, which makes it easy to follow.
this project makes me realize one thing.. i need more felt!
i wish i didn't have to take a plane to visit a craft store.
i better get online to find some cute fall colored fabric.
to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: put more bang in your bangle

quick post.
i saw this great idea on sisters 4 say more is more.
(you will love this blog)
she found a ugly red bangle at target for cheap and decided to make it her own.
the tutorial is great, lots of pictures and really easy to follow.
sorry i couldn't write more, i really need to get to bed.
as my husband likes to say lately,
"time to put the fetus to sleep"
(i'm pregnant)
i should have been asleep hours ago.
happy friday!
enjoy your weekend.
to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: drawer knob finishes

this isn't much of an diy project as much as it is a diy idea!
and a great idea at that.
they make such cute drawer knobs these days,
so why not put them on something other than drawers.
ah. if only my brain power was this creative.
luckily, we have design sponge for the tips.
and bbb crafts for the inspirational ideas.
to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: candy corn bottle decor

hello again.
sorry for the long wait for another post.
lots of pregnancy things had to be done.
ooo we got our first ultrasound picture.
our little alien/ jumping bean is flippin adorable.
i am happy to say that i am no longer sick,
so you can expect regular posts again.
sorry for the lack of posting.
i am a total baby about being sick all the time.
anyways, back to our favorite topic DIY PROJECTS...
i am in love with this project and had to share.
candy corn decor is the best, but what is great about this idea
is you can use other candies for other holidays.
(example: red and green m&m's for christmas)
very cute blog. check it out.
to see the full tutorial, click below: