DIY: doilie table cloth

this is love at first sight.
for anyone who has a uncontrollable desire to decorate doilie style,
this project is for you!
created by the lovely ashely ann, this table cloth give your
kitchen a vintage feel even your grandma would approve of.
i think we can all agree on one thing.
this is gorgeous!

to view this wonderful how-to, click below:


DIY: uncanny cork vases

i'm back!
woot woot.
i got sick on my california vacation, yuck
but i still got out of alaska and i got to see my family.
all in all a great trip!
dear mom: i miss you already!!

anyways. i thought i would start of another rush of posts with
this beauty by
paper n' stitch.
these cork vases are pretty much the coolest cork vases around.
i mean come on, you know you want to make some.
well why not get started. like right now.

to get started on your newest cork creation, click below for tutorial:


DIY: ikea lamp ravamp

my husband hates it when i go to ikea.
i never come home with just one thing... never.
poor guy. he knows as well as i do once we move back
to utah ikea will be a second home to me.
ah. i can't wait for that day to come.
this diy project is a simple way to give your
favorite ikea lamp a much needed upgrade.
this how-to comes from allison at Screen Prints.
way cute blog.
to see her full tutorial, click below:


DIY: hand jewelry display

no more alaska.
at least not for 10 days.
i am enjoying a lovely vaca in san diego.
sadly, my hubby couldn't get time from work to come.
fyi{cory}: i miss you.
but am living it up anyways with my college roommate from '08.
we like to call our time together reboot sessions.
i know. i know. i shouldn't blog on my vacation.
but i can't help it.
i just have so many fun finds i want you all to see.
just like this project clara from the home in paradise did.
i am always in awe with the creativity people have.
this display is cute,trendy, and super simple.
yea. i know. it doesn't look that easy, but
don't you worry, you'll feel better after seeing the how-to.
her steps are simple and easy to follow.

to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: wood burning 101

oh my goodness.
this is LOvE.

this wonderful tutorial was done by {of course} ashley ann.

she is a talented photographer as well as an amazing DIY(er).

to see her full tutorial, click below:
(disclaimer: you might spend hours on her site, it's just that beautiful)


DIY: another lovely dry erase board

thank you paper n' stitch
this is so inspirational.
i love everything about these pictures.
and the tutorial is adorable.

if you want to check out the how-to, click below:


DIY: cookie/ marshmallow decorating

today i am happy to feature one of my favorite blogs
check it out, i promise you will fall in LOvE.
i have told everyone to follow this blog, it's just too cute.
Meaghan has been blessed with immense cookie decorating talent.
she used to work in a custom cookie shop,
but once her daughter was born she decided to stay home.
in 2007 she wrote a book called cookie sensations.
she posts a new idea for decorating cookies almost everyday.
i love reading her blog posts.
i also love her tutorials.
she shows you how to make cookies not only taste fantastic
but look even better than they taste.
here are some of the cookies she has made.
if you like how she decorated a certain cookie, click the link under the picture.
that will take you straight to the tutorial (on her blog) of the specific cookie.
* popcorn cookies *

* turkey dinner *
these are just a few of the many
wonderful cookies she has decorated.
go check out her blog and see for yourself.


DIY: cutting fabric with the circut

cricut machines are everywhere.
yes. i gave in and purchased one......
but now i am going to enjoy it even more.
lovely allie from allie b dallie was kind enough to email
me this wonderful tutorial on using the circut to cut fabric.
she makes it look so easy and the picture steps are easy to follow.
i can't wait to get started!
to see the full tutorial, click below:
thanks allie for getting in touch!
if anyone else would like their tutorial featured
on greensubmarine feel free to email me:


DIY: printable wedding invites

i am on a free download kick lately.
quickly i wanted to share an invite set from em papers
the clip art is completely free and super trendy.
want to check it out for yourself, click below:


DIY: lavender sachets

living in alaska has been a very interesting experience.
i'm a arizona girl at heart (gilbert), so i live for the warmth.
i miss the bright sun and the 100 + degree weather.
i will be lucky to see 70 + anytime this year. ouch.
so to warm up i tried searching for a tutorial to make some rice bags.
you know the ones you heat in the microwave.
instead i found these lavender bags... i fell in LOvE.
i found them on paper n stich.
they are so cute!
i would love to find this fabric.
or any fun bright fabric... where do you shop for fabric?
to see the simple, yet lovely, tutorial, click below: