DIY: yoyo pillow

I can't wait for my yoyo maker to come in the mail.
I ordered it today! They say these little circles of loveliness
are easy to make, I sure hope they are right!
This DIY project came from always awesome design*sponge!
For full project instructions, click below:
you don't know how to made a yoyo? no worries.
i have you covered, click below for tutorial:


DIY: Felt Table Runner and Felt PomPom Magnets

Both of these fabulous felt ideas come from Woman's Day.
I have spent the last hour being inspired by their various projects.
Are you interested in one of these?
To go straight to the complete tutorial, click below photos:

* Felt Table Runner *


* Felt PomPom Magnets *

DIY: Hanging Storage Baskets

need some more storage space?
but don't have the room for more furniture?
this little DIY idea will fix that problem.
If you would like to see the full instructions for this project, plus other great ideas from Womens Day, click below:


DIY: tank top totes

I am pretty sure we ALL have some old tank tops that we never wear.
Why not turn the un-used piece of clothing
into your very own tank top tote!
This tutorial come from Crafty Nest and seem to be very easy!
Try it out! Click below:

DIY: Fabric Tie Shirt

Give a plain white T-shirt a little upgrade!
Perfect for family pictures!

Think this project is as cute as i do?
To check out this and other projects/tutorials from
Salt Water Kids, click below:


DIY: yet another Valentines project

i know. i know. valentines day is OVER!
i couldn't help myself with this one!

you MUST go check out design mom and see the other amazing DIY ideas she knows!
click below to go directly to the tutorial:
* Picture Cards *

DIY: kitchenaid Cover

no. i don't have a kitchen-aid,
but maybe i will someday.
i thought i might as well have a tutorial for one.
this came from homemade by jill
all you proud mothers of a kitchen-aid,
now you can give your priced posession a comfy home at night.


DIY: stool cover

.no sewing needed.
.only three steps.
martha is just too good at what she does
like this project? click below:


DIY: baby blanket

more baby fun.
i love.love.love this baby blanket
this amazingly clever craft comes from moda bake shop!
you must check out this tutorial.
she makes it look so easy, click below:


DIY: banner onesies

With my good friend jacque days away from being a mom. Actually, the baby is two days past its due date already, so she might be hours away from babyland! Well with the excitement of a new face to meet I thought I'd find some DIY ideas for babies.
What do you know?
First blog I choose to search today, has a newly done baby project!
Thank you natalie, you have never let me down.
To look at more pictures this and more of her projects, click below:


I have always been afraid of deer head mounts.
They are SO weird to me.
Why be proud that you killed a deer?
My husband, of course, enjoys them
It must be a man thing.
Though I must say, he is quit aware
a deer mount will never be in our home.
WELL... at least not a real one.
Check out this super creative project from Chronicle Books!
This particular one comes from their book Dorm Decor!
(which is not only for dorms)
Want to make your own crafty deer mount?
for the templates and complete instructions, click below.

DIY: Stamp Heart Collage

Need to use up some leftover scrapbook paper?
Try this idea from Ali Edwards.
With a simple heart punch, she created a lovely collage.
To check out the SIMPLE tutorial and
other projects from Ali, click below:

DIY: Ruffly Headband

I wish, oh how i wish, I had a craft store nearby.
It will be so exciting to move back to Utah
AND have multiple craft stores within a 10 min drive.
Ah. That sounds perfect!
Just thinking about it makes me happy.
This next tutorial comes from Heart of Light. (love her)
Her instructions make this project look quit simple.
To check out her tutorial, click below:
(and while your there check out her fantastic blog)

DIY: Rosette fabric flowers

this is such a creative project that you can
make with your scraps of fabric!
lilly from lillyella came up with this wonderful tutorial!
she makes it look so simple.
maybe because it is simple.
maybe its not.
can't wait to find out.
if you think these are as gorgeous as i do.
check out the full tutorial from lilly, click below:

DIY: upgrade with spray paint

Love Natalie is pretty much fantasic.
She bought two of these lamps at a thrift store for $3.99
turned them from drab to fab!
I love that she hung the necklace on it!
To check out this simple (15 min) project along with
other ideas/ tutorials from Natalie, click below:
* Simple Lamp Up-grade *


DIY: Fabric Balls

I love baskets full of colorful craft balls!
If only I knew how to make them...
Luckily, the blog writer of
Knitty Gritty Thoughts taught me just that.
Want to make your own fabric balls?
To check out the fabulously easy tutorial, click below:

DIY: Give an old pillowcase another life

Everyone has an old pillowcase or two. Why not give it new life as a child's summer dress!
Kristin at Craft Leftovers came up with an easy to make tutorial

To check out the pillowcase dress tutorial
and other fantastic crafting ideas from Kristen, click below:


DIY: Valentines Brownie Bag

.back by popular demand.
twig and thistle updated last years valentines day hit.
three steps needed:
1. download template from site (click below)
2. print onto a paper bag
3. fill bag with wonderful holiday brownies

DIY: Printable Cards

Valentines day is right around the corner. The last Valentines day post had cute ideas for gifts, but what if you need a card for your special someone. These designers give you the templates to print these cute cards, but they are super easy and can be made in minutes!
This card comes from littlemiso, who is a lovely designer.

If you are interested in this printable card
and would like the link to download it, click below:
This design would also be very cute silk screened on something.
I have a couple pregnant friends - this would make a cute onesie.

To find this SUPER CUTE printable card template and the
simple beyond simple instructions from Curbly, click below:


DIY: valentines day goodies

BHG you have done it again!
Check out all of these fun VALENTINES diy projects!
Click the link under each picture to go directly to the tutorial.
HAVE FUN. I know I will this Valentines Day!
These lavender filled sachets will be
the perfect gift for the valentine on your list.
Give your valentine something they can cuddle up with!
this wonderful pillow is perfect for hiding love notes
for your special someone.

Have a book lover in your life?
make them this simple valentines day bookmark!
* Felt Book-lovers-mark *

Sometime is not about what you give,
but about what you do.
Have a tight budge this month, give love labor!
(download and print these coupons for free)
* Coupons of LOvE *

Need a gift that will take only minutes?
Cover your valentines favorite candy bar!
* LOvE Covered Chocolate *

With a votive holder, muffin liner, and colorful string
you've got yourself adorable petite packaging!
* Petite Packaging *

DIY: thrift store frames

i love thrift stores.
check out what the blogger of craftynest did with her finds!
her grandmother made doilies, so she decided to frame them!
very cute. cheap. and smart.
if you are interested in this project and would like to see more
check out the full instructions, click below:

DIY: more ikea lamp makeovers

yet another one from crafynest...i'm a little obsessive today
i love finding fun ways to fix up ikea products
these paper lantern lamps seem to have endless possibilities
this project is so easy. want to check it out, click below:

DIY: upcyle some old chairs

the wonderful blogger at craftynest
said that she got these chairs for free!
she fixed up the cracks and redid the paint job
and look what she created, wow
want to try this project out for yourself?
to see the full instructions, click below: