Brynlee turns one!

April 21st was a big day in our household. Our little Brynlee McKinley turned one!
It is amazing how fast a year can go by and how much a child can GROW.
Her birthday was on Saturday, but today marks 1 YEAR since we took her home from the hospital!
It has been one year since I officially became a stay at home MOM.
Like most moms, staying home has been rewarding and fun.
BUT it has also been the hardest job I have ever taken on.

photo of bryn the day we took her home... ONE YEAR AGO!
My husand and I have been very lucky to have such a good baby.
Brynlee is a FANTASTIC child and we are so happy to have her.


fun way to suprise the hubs.

My husband works two weeks on then two weeks off.
He usually calls me from work and says, "Lets go on a trip when I get home."
So I made sure in the two weeks of him being home we would make it happen.
(this is actually a fun way to earn brownie points with the hubs)
I decided we would go to Vegas. Our friends were flying into sin city from Hawaii and I tought it would be fun to meet them there. Let's face it trips are always soo much more fun with friends.
I decided to make the trip a suprise. Completely spontanious, which he loves.
The best part is how I told him.
 First I booked the hotel, I made sure it was the same one our friends were staying at. Then I packed EVERYTHING (for all three of us). Last I grabbed an old onesie and wrote our destination on it!
Cory came home to find the suit cases by the door. Before he could ask what was going on Bryn came running around the corner wearing this onesie.... instantly it all made sense!

This little chunk had her FIRST birthday yesterday!
Birthday post coming soon!


free 8x10 print. 'dear stress lets break up.'

okay like they do at my church, it is time for a moment of happy happenings!
(except they call it good news minute... i like my name more)
this is when you take a second (or twelve) to share something happy going on in your life!

today i would like to share.....
MY PRINT GOT 1111 re-pins on pinterest!

i am in shock as much as you are.
i made it on a whim one night and never thought it would do as well as it has.. yay!!!

okay now it is your turn...

what are some happy happenings going on in your life???
(engaged, new baby, new boyfriend, bought a car... something grand must be brewing)


free iphone case printables, via 'see that there.' (new favorite blog)

I love a fun iphone case... I want a fun iphone case...
We have all seen amazing cases out there, but the price makes our finds not so glamorous.
Luckily there are people in this world like maria and simona from See That There.
These talented women are offering FREE printables of these gorgeous case covers.
now isn't that sweet of them?
I am personally going to be using the far right one on the top row... LOVE IT!!

all you need to do is go out and get a cheap clear cover.
i have seen them on ebay for about 2.00!
then print, cut, and enjoy!!
to download and use for yourself you must go visit the gosh darn AMAZING site they were created.
click below to go:

i told you my favorite...
which one is yours?

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please please please... do not pin these case covers from my blog.
if you will be so kind as to venture over to See That There and pin them from there.
 this would make me very happy.

this is not my art to have pinned.

i am merely just showing you an AMAZING free printable find.


friday phone unload.

i have seen people devote a post just to "unload" all the pics they have been hoarding on their phone.
oh man have i am a picture hoarder.
they should have twelve step programs for these kinds of things.
i think dumping all my photos will be great!
it also is a fun way for me watch my peanut grow throughout the weeks.
don't worry i would never think to post them all, you would die from old age before you finished looking at them all. just posting the ones i like.
my little bryn is almost one people!
this time last year i was miserable.
oh gosh.
just remembering the bathroom breaks in the middle of night makes me one grateful girl.
i am glad that is over, but i know it must be done again!

1. imagination park, pleasant grove, utah.
2. my parents backyard sand pit.
3. kangaroo zoo, pleasant grove, utah.
4. Thanksgiving point, lehi, utah.
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finally, a sunny day!

The sun is here, the sun is here! I am so excited, I can't barely pull myself together! For two years I lived in a cold dark place, an Alaskan tundra. There I froze, today the weather in Bethel is a whopping 14 degrees. (and that is good weather for april). I am so happy and so grateful to be out of Alaska and back in Utah. Winter in Utah is NOTHING compared to the -50* winter in Bethel. So to celebrate such a sunny, warm, cloudless day bryn and I went for a little nature walk. There is a cute little farm behind us and their sheep just had babies!!! Is there anything more cute in this world then a baby anything? I totally forgot to snap pics of the adorable new sheep babies, to busy trying to get a good shot of bryn. This girl sure is a go getter! But I wouldn't have it any other way!

I had just taken a giant stick out of her hands, check out the look she gave me!

Oh to have the mind of a child, she can find wonder in anything!
Even a little crack in the side walk!

Like I said she is a go getter! If this girl wants something nothing can stop her.
Serioiusly just like her father, probably one of my absolute favorite things about her!
This girl has got drive!

I loved this sunny day!
Bryn you are one fun girl to explore with!
Love, Mom.


summer wreath inspiration.

it's getting HOT.
which i absolutely couldn't be happier about.
i love that summer is right around the corner.
every season i want to make a wreath, but do i ever take on the project. no.
that. is. changing. today.
okay so i needed to find some summer wreath inspiration.
i thought i would show you some of my finds.
here are six wreaths that i think would be perfect for summer.
have you made a summer wreath?
leave me a link in a comment and i will be sure to post and show off your creation.
maybe your summer wreath is the inspiration someone needs to get started!

1. wooden bead summer wreath, the silly pearl   2. pinned by iphone onto pinterest. melissa clark
3. rainbow wreath, fiskars   4. green hydrangea wreath, v and co.
5. blue stripes with yellow rossets, M&M+c   6. pink ruffle wreath, kelly hicks.
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birthday in a box.

my husband works out of state two weeks out of each month.
i am glad that he has a good job, but the time can be hard.
friday, april 6th, was his 27th birthday.
the poor guy had to be all the way in North Dakota celebrating alone.
so i thought a BIRTHDAY IN A BOX care package would be perfect for him!

i recently came across this awesome idea to send a loved one a big box of balloons.
they are super light and very cheap to ship!
with the idea in mind i got to work.
went to target and picked up a 5 dollar birthday decoration bundle.
bought some extra balloons to add color.
went to the nearest bakery and picked up some yummy treats.
(cookies and brownies ship best. make sure to wrap it tight in plastic wrap)
on the balloons i wrote little messages like,
"i can't believe your 27."
"i love the birthday boy."
"don't worry 27 isn't too old."

then i filled the box full of all the goodies!

then onto the fun part!
i thought the inside of the box was so fun the outside needed some spunk too.
bing an idea popped into my head... colored duck tape!
i got silver and white.
they sell colored duck tape at walmart for about 3.50 a pop.
it makes all the difference!

- - - - - - - - - -
happy birthday sweetie!
i love you.

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killer home made sweet and sour sauce.

We all have recipes in our home that never let us down.
One of our absolute favorites is our
It is all in the sauce people.

Sweet and sour sauce recipe:
1 1/2 cups sugar.
1/2 c. chicken broth
1 c. vinegar
2 tsp soy sauce.
1/2 c. + 2 tbs. ketchup.
1/2 tsp. salt

Combine all ingredient and bring to boil.
Serve over chicken and your favorite veggies for an amazing meal.
Impress your loved ones taste buds tonight!



whatever you are be a good one.

lately my positive thinking has crashed and died. all around me i see these amazing women accomplishing so much with their lives. i have friends who are photographers, graphic designers, med students, marathon runners..... i could go on and on.

i look at their lives and the green envy monster starts pouring out of me. i look at the wonderful success they have all taken from life and wonder when will it be my turn? i went to school in physical science education, after i became a personal trainer. my job was rewarding and fun. daily i got to help clients get one set closer to their weight loss goals. it was great.

then my life changed and i had to change with it. i became a wife, then a mom, and now a stay at home mom. don't get me wrong i am 100% grateful for the chance i have to stay at home with this little peanut...

but, sometimes i look at the excited lives of others and drool... thinking if only i was a graphic designer my life would be that much better...... then like a TONS OF BRICKS it hit me.

STOP. STOP. STOP the negativity!!!

i remember a book i read years ago, called INFINITE POSSIBILITIES, by Mike Dooley. i remember him tell a story about a man who had lost everything and in last ditch effort to keep his family afloat he took a job as a restaurant bust boy. Dooley goes on to say, instead of sulking over the circumstances his life had taken and working with a bad attitude. he decided that he would be the best darn bust boy he could... and so he did. everyday he showed up early and with a smile on his face he did his job to the BEST of his abilities. Dooley explains that when we are grateful for the life that we live and we go out and live it to the fullest, the universe watches you and rewards you. that bust boy did not go unnoticed. people were drawn to his excitement about life and work. after few years with the company and many promotions he was able to move extremely high up in the company. all because the universe saw his effort and was happy to reward.


with all this said, i think Abraham Lincoln summed it up best with his quote,
 "whatever you are be a good one."

1. whatever you are be a good one. 3lambsillustration.
can be purchased here.


free printable banner from ruffled

I actually made something I found on pinterest...
a free printable banner for bryn's room!

The wonderful people from Ruffled made this gorgeous design.
They have all the letters, which makes it easy to write anything you want! (actually some letters have more than one version, yay)
printable alphabet bunting flags free download wedding template for Ruffled

click here to make your own.
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hello. i am glad you are here.

i am angela brian.
i am married to cory brian.
i have a beautiful daughter brynlee.
and i have an absolute craving for positive inspiration.
whole heartily i believe in the law of attraction and the power positivity can play in your life.
i have known these truths for years, yet struggled to implement them.
not anymore.
today i am happy to start 'oh be happy'
my way for me to keep track of all things beautiful, inspiring, crafty, and loving in my life.

really, anything that MAKES ME HAPPY!!!

let's get started....

Pinned ImageRussian Doll print poster, inspirational art, quote art , matryoshka, retro print, nursery art, -   You are beautiful inside and out  A3

loving these two prints pinterest recently introduced to me:

1. found on tumblr, plz email if yours, i have been dying to get a print.
2. russian doll print poster. (click for link)