free 8x10 print. 'dear stress lets break up.'

okay like they do at my church, it is time for a moment of happy happenings!
(except they call it good news minute... i like my name more)
this is when you take a second (or twelve) to share something happy going on in your life!

today i would like to share.....
MY PRINT GOT 1111 re-pins on pinterest!

i am in shock as much as you are.
i made it on a whim one night and never thought it would do as well as it has.. yay!!!

okay now it is your turn...

what are some happy happenings going on in your life???
(engaged, new baby, new boyfriend, bought a car... something grand must be brewing)


  1. I like Happy Happenings better too :) Happy Happenings in my life? I have 2 weeks left in school and I got the job I wanted for the summer! And I don't think you should be too shocked...your print is adorable and you are extremely creative!

  2. Hmmm - happy happenings for us? Our son just got approved for special services for his autism, which is a huge weight lifted off our shoulders. Also, God blessed and we finally got our car paid off! :)
    awesome print by the way

  3. Happy happenings for me? My father bought an investment property we will be renting for him. The house closes in about a week! This means my husband and I won't have to share a room with our two year old anymore, my husband gets an office, and my son gets his own backyard sans stress-inducing (for mom) pools!And I get more space equaling more freedom to continue writing my first novel. I am two chapters away from being halfway done with it!