lately i have come across quite a bit of quotes/sayings that i like,
but i usually don't like the way they are designed.
so i decided to make my own,
somet that are a little more girly and fun.
rather than just words on a blank background.

these are all 8x10 printables,

if you have any sayings that you want made into a print, just leave it in the comment box.
now that i don't work i need things to do (other than workout videos) while my baby sleeps.


diy: print to remind me to NOT EAT CRAP!

i ate like crap today.
so i decided to make this print for my fridge.
my husband and i just booked a trip to hawaii and i want to look dang good.
hope it helps.


DIY TUTORIAL: pallet shelf

so i have been against joining pinterest for some time now.
an invite has been sitting in my email box for over two months.
i swore to my husband i wouldn't do it.
 knowing i would become addicted to yet another thing on the internet.

i lost the battle.

this tutorial is was found on my new favorite sight. pinterest.
{want to join? send me an email and i can get an invite to you}

don't you love it?
even my husband was like, "ooo i like that one. i could make that!"


DIY RECIPE: chocolate dipped peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough balls...woooo long title.

sometimes i search long and hard for the perfect tutorial or recipe to feature on GS.
sometimes i just get lucky.
this was definitely a lucky find.
this feature is from Kelsey, an old high school friend of mine.
*i only say old because it seems like forever ago that i was in high school. forever!*
kelsey and i grew up on the same street.
good ol' horseshoe ave.
she is totally fun and completely sweet as pie.
oh and she is a runner.
so if you like to run, check out her blog.
{the joy in the journey}
this girl has completed marathons.
marathons people!


you can either click on the image above to go to the food tutorial or you can click below:


DIY RECIPE: no bake cookies

super easy but delicious.
living in a school has its perks, but also it's down falls.
we don't have that many options of food to choose from.
so the easier the recipe the better.

i made our dorm kids these cookies on their first days back to school.
instantly, they were a hit.
not one of them had heard of no bake cookies, let alone tried one.

so i thought i would post the recipe...
just in case you, like my dorm kids, live on a different planet and have never tried these.

you only need 7 ingredients:

1 3/4 cups white sugar

1/2 cup butter

1/2 cup milk

4 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder

1/2 cup peanut butter (crunchy or non crunchy)

3 cups quick-cooking oats

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

in a pan over the stove combine sugar, milk, butter, and cocoa.
bring to boil and only boil for two minutes.
(so make sure you watching)

then remove from heat and add vanilla, peanut butter, and oats.

mix up.

then place small spoon fulls on wax paper or cooking sheet.
(no need for cooking spray. they aren't going to stick)
((at least haven't for me))

let cool.
and eat.

i put mine in the freezer, i like them super super cold.

a easy easy dessert, with no baking required.



DIY TUTORIALS - gorgeous scratch off lottery tickets

i was looking for some scratch off tickets on etsy for our anniversary.
then i came across this gorgeous tutorial by oh the lovely things.
she even gives you the option to use her free printable designs. 
the exact same ones she used in the tickets below.

either click image above or click link below for full tutorial:


DIY TUTORIAL: monster t (found for baby boller)

so even in the far outskirts of alaska, where the weather could freeze fire, i have found friends.
i don't want to play favorites, but my bethel buddy ANGIE just might be that.
she came into the bank one day and we got on the topic of DIET COKE.
not long after we found out we had the same name, she was asking me on out first lunch date.
i know, very romantic.. ha ha.
no, seriously though, having a close friend in my tiny little town MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE.
so ang this tutorial is for you.
of course, that little bun in the oven your baking, mister Elliot.

tutorial was found on roca and company.
if you haven't been to this blog GO.
you will not be disappointed.

or you can click below to see tutorial:


bryn's bumbo came!

i can't get over how much i love our little peanut!
i know all you moms can relate.

we've been waiting for weeks to get her bumbo.
so much for "free super saver shipping"
ho hum.
the joys of living where i do, no walmart, so amazon is a must.

i am so glad that i was told about this funky little chair for bryn.
seriously, we are so off the grid that i don't know about any cool baby things.
if you have something you like, PLEASE tell me!
even if you think everyone already knows about it, i can almost promise i don't.


DIY RECIPE: homemade pizza from scratch

this is what i fed my GIANT family last night.
(me. my husband. my baby. and my 11 dorm kids)
everyone loved it!
so i thought what a fun recipe to share with you all.
from making to the dough to topping it with your favorite toppings!
lets get started!

okay first you want to make the dough, this is what you'll need:

in a large bowl, or kitchen aid, if you have one, pour in warm water. then lightly sprinkle the yeast into the water. let it sit for five to ten minutes to dissolve. if it doesn't dissolve all the way you can mix it with a spoon. mix in all other ingredients (olive oil, salt, sugar, and flour).
then knead.

i did it all by hand.
if it gets sticky you can add some more flour.

okay now that you have mixed everything, it needs to rise.
get a large bowl and coat it in olive oil (so the dough wont stick)
put your dough in bowl and then cover with clear wrap.
let it sit in a warm place for about an hour (or longer) you want it to double in size.

p.s. you can freeze the dough if you need to, for up to a week.
oh, fiy, never re-freeze the dough.

okay, the hard part is over.
now we can do the fun part. the toppings.

i used cheese and sage sausage, my dorm kids don't like veggies.
but you can use whatever you want.

cut the now risen dough in half.
(each half will make an 12 inch pizza)

place on some lightly oiled tin foil and flatten into a circle.
push fingers into dough on outside of circle to create the crust.

now the sauce.
i just use my favorite spaghetti sauce, you can too.
you'll want to put a very light layer of oil on the dough
this makes sure the sauce doesn't seep through and make the bread soggy.

now add the rest of your toppings.

pre-heat the over to 450.
it will take between 10 to 15 minutes to bake.

and enjoy.

trust me it's good!


DIY: gorgeous braided headband tutorial

while baby was taking a nap i realized i was quite bored.
i'm not used to being a stay at home mom, and to be honest, it hasn't been a smooth transition.
so i went online to find something quick and easy i could do with an old mustard cami top.
braided bracelets were the thing that caught my eye.
 was exactly what i needed. something quick that would get my creative juices going.
which is exactly what i did, and about five minutes later... this was created.

so after falling for my new bracelet i searched for a tutorial on how to make this into a headband.
which i found.
here you go. read it. then go make it!

or you can click below:


DIY RECIPE: rainbow cake

i thought this would be a great recipe find to post after the birthday candle holder project.

or you can click below:


DIY: birthday candle holders

wow. i was very excited to come across this tutorial on the sweetest occassion.
i can't wait to move from bethel to a place that actually has a craft store.
or you can click below for tutorial:

i really want to find little toy golfing men.
then for my dads birthday fill up the whole cake!
haha. what do you think?

do you have any specific toys you want to try this tutorial out with?


DIY: totes, totes, and more totes (how to print on totes)

alright it is crafting time, lets get our thinking caps on and figure out what we want to create next.
hmmm... i was thinking maybe printing your own tote bag.
with school right around the corner, it will be the perfect project for you and your little one.
i bet she would be so excited to show off her newly designed tote at school.
i know my youngest sister would.
i might need to make one for her, i mean no first grader should go without it, right?

or you can click below:

if you don't have the time to make your own tote and would rather purchase one.
 then i have some favorites to show you!
especially the ones below...
i am loving these fantastic totes all under fifteen bucks.

square paisley design

i think my favorite is the scrabble piece tote and definitely the hedgehog.

what are your favorites?

or do you know a place that we can find even more fun totes?

i would LOvE to hear about it!


cama-i (hello in yupik, the native language of bethel)

just to reiterate what i wrote on my profile:

a little over a year ago my husband and i left utah, not for the beach or sun... no no, we left for the frozen tundra of ALASKA. a tundra so cold, so vast, so miserable that we couldn't pass it up and now call it home. the only things that are keeping me from jumping on a team of sled dogs and getting the heck out of town are my family, friends, and this blog. this is my story of our little family in alaska... brians {and bryn} in bethel.

no mall. no target. no olive garden. we have one paved road and the rest is dirt. half of the people speak a language that i don't understand. i am a total minority. i am a dorm parent for the bethel alternative boarding school and share a home with up to 24 native teens. subway is our only chain restaurant. right now it is light outside, but for most of the year it is constantly dark, maybe three hours of light a day. we have giant mosquito's galore, some people even call them the state bird. i have never seen more drunk people in my whole life. at night i sleep with a hammer under my pillow, because i was once woken up by a drunk women in my own home. i couldn't have my baby here because the hospital doesn't offer epidurals. its lonely . . .

ugh. see my dift?

but wait.

i didn't tell you that everyone here knows my name. that no one cares what clothes i wear or what i drive. they just care that i am happy, healthy, and enjoying life. i might have forgotten to mention that the summers are beautiful and green. that kids don't sit around playing video games, but instead are outside biking, fishing, or boating. moving to a place where no one knew us taught my husband and i how to rely on each other in a way i never thought possible. and after some convincing, we have had two couples come and join us in bethel.

like to any situation there is good and there is bad.

i can't always promise i will tell only the good. actually i KNOW i will spend a couple posts venting, that i apologise for now.

so there you have it. i went from a city girl to a "middle of no-where" alaska girl and this is my way to journal it.

sorry for the personal junk. tomorrow we are back to some d.i.y!

 we're learning to make our own fantastic tote bags. oh, and just in case you don't have the time to make totes i also compiled a couple of my favorite places to buy some AMAZINGLY CUTE ones... cheap!



i might just be working on the DIY project of the YEAR.
people of blogger land a new blog is about to be born.
YES, my dear friend this blog will still be jam packed with amazing tutorials,
but also will have my own personal flair.
i have been bouncing around THREE blog for too long.... my personal blog, my craft blog, and my food blog.
we are going to be mushing them all together!!!


i want to thank you all for making GreenSubmarine what it has been. i absolutely LOvE what has become of my little craft blog. i remember first putting this shin-dig together and i kept saying i really want 17 followers, if i can get 17 i will be happy. well with your help i have passed my goal and can't wait to set (and destroy) another.

the new blog:
like i said before, i've gotten tired of bouncing from one blog to another. i need a place where i can not only show off recently found craft tutorials, but also add some other stuff too. i am creating a blog where i can freely post about anything; yummy things, family things, craft things, inspiring things! i want my blog to become a blog people enjoy to read, not just search through for ideas for their next craft. i felt that GreenSubmarine was so limited. yes, it worked out great for awhile. but my friends times are a changin.

(as my husband so lovingly put it).




DIY: made at home canvas art

learn how to make your own canvas art.
cheap, simple, and AMAZING!
especially when you have awesome prints like these at Young House Love does.
i really like this idea.

to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: perched little birdies

you must look at this project!
it is sooo cute and make with the simplest of things.
the wonderful idea came from Release Me Create!
she has a great tutorial that is each to follow with tons of picture, my favorite kind.

if you want to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: knitted headband tutorial

my blogging maternity leave officially ended yesterday, july 10th.
YES i didn't blog for THREE months. WOW. what an accomplishment!
i have to tell you, i am completely obsessed with this site and LOVE to find tutorials for it...
BUT i knew that i needed to devote my time to this little peanut, 
so i STOPPED blogging completely. i didn't even visit other people's blogs.
but now i can look back and know i gave 100% of my attention to our little brynlee.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
well i don't know about you, but my calender says JULY 11th!
my 3 months are up!
 - - - - - - - - - - - -
lets start with an awesome tutorial.
this is something that i would LOVE to learn how to make.
i found a picture tutorial and a video one.
so i hope these get your gears turning and your craft juices a flowin!
here's the video, its from the youtube channel IKNITS
it's perfect for those (like me) who learn best if someone is actually showing me.
also we have a worded tutorial with pictures, for those who learn best with pictures and words.
this wonderful tutorial is from Topsy Turvy.
Izabella Flower Knitted Headband
image from: thisnext.com
to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: baby making. the reason i am taking a blogging break.

thanks for being so understanding on my little break.
i am just too busy soaking up these first days with our newest addition.
brynlee. 7lbs 10 oz. born april 21st at 12:50pm.


DIY: lovely book covers

since my lack of blogging has gone on too long.
i have decided to officially announce that this month i have given up.
planning for a new baby, working full time, and being nine months pregnant takes up too much of my time.
i just need this month to really focus on the new baby joining my family.
we will be moving back to utah tomorrow,
yes i am moving eight days away from my due date.
i think having my mom around will help soooooooo much.
i mean lets face it, i really have no idea what i am doing. 

well i can't make a post on this blog without adding a tutorial...

i'll see you all again soon, with lots of fun tutorials to share.
+ next time i will be a mommy! (wish me luck).

to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: peeps plushie

i am sorry for being MIA for so long.
just been busy being SUPER prego.
like super super prego.
i just hit week 37 of my baby bump journey and boy am i tired.
i am still working full time and find myself crashing the second i get home.
well hopefully this post will get me back into my old blogging ways.
this project came from danelions and lace
(great blog name, don't you think?)
what a cute way to get young ones excited for easter.
i can't wait to make BERLYN one someday.
marshmallow bunny plushie pattern and tutorial
to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: st.patricks day wreath

homemade wreaths are such a hit lately.
this st. patty's one is no exception.
i love how easy it is and the simplicity makes it that much better.
i was lucky enough to stumble upon this project on little things bring smiles.
to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: stenciled floors

design*sponge has made my day once again.
look how amazing this tutorial on stenciled floors is.
ah. it makes me smile.
to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: lunch money cuff tutorial

my dorm students seem to always be misplacing their cash.
no i probably wont be making 18 year olds lunch money cuffs this year.
 but this great idea might just be the thing i need when my kids are old enough to go to school.
i was lucky enough to find this tutorial on, a lemon squeezy home.
she made some for her son and you know what they acutally look pretty stinkin cool.
to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: three tiered serving platter

these are so easy and pretty much awesome.
sorry for such a short post, i have been SUPER busy getting ready for this baby!
only 5 weeks to go!
anyways, this project comes from just sew sassy.
p.s. that blog is amazing. go check it out.
to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: how to make a shutter headboard

this project will be the first thing i do when i finally get to move home.
i love the various headboard designs people come up with
and the wonderful tutorials they put together for people like me to make one ourselves.
this amazing project came from kiki creates.
to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: book letters

this is a way cool project.
i stumbled upon it on little things bring smiles.
(yes. a double feature, sorry can't helpt it. i love this new blog find)
hope you enjoy.

to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: felt flower rosettes

aren't these adorable?
i have been searching for the perfect little felt flowers to cover some white onesies with.
i think i just found them. this project is from little things bring smiles.
oh and very sorry for my lack of posting lately.
we have been crazy busy getting all our dorm kids ready for spring break.
10 days without living with my 10 teenagers... priceless!

to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: make your own pillow friend

i am SO excited about this find!
having a six year old sister i have heard all about pillow pets.
well the girls over at moms of all trades put together a tutorial to make your own.

to see the full tutorial, click below:


You DIY: Upholstered Headboard Using the Ikea Hopen Bed

want people to see your tutorials?
write me.
i would love to feature your creations.
plus + i LOvE finding new blogs to stalk.
. . . . . . . . .
today i am happy to introduce a new blog, j and j home, to you!
i was recently emailed this awesome tutorial and thought it was worth a feature.
i personally LOvE ikea so this project really hit home for me.
i hope you enjoy!
thank you so much for getting in touch!!!
to see the full tutorial, click below:
. . . . . . . . . . .


DIY: button up bibs

looks like i am on a baby project kick again.
here is a cute project from made by rae, which i found on sew mama sew.
to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: anthropologie flower headband

wow. i am on a project finding roll lately.
i can't believe the cute ideas people are creating these days.
this lovely project is from a new find eisy morgan.
you will love her blog she has lots a great tutorials.

to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: how to make super cute magnets

i found a winner recently.
before i even show you the project
let me first introduce you to the blog my beautiful disaster.
it is one addictive blog + has a awesome tutorial!
this is an easy way to create super cute magnets.

to see the full tutorial, click below:
* how to make super cute magnets *


DIY: NEW BLOG!!! and floating wire picture frames

S U G A R   L O A F

today i officially have started
my newest blog.
a place like this actually, where i keep track of my favorite projects.
except this time they aren't craft tutorials, but instead FOOD tutorials!
i hope you will enjoy.

yes. i do have a tutorial today for this blog as well.
this project is from ashley ann.
i think we can all agree she has amazing amounts of creative talent!
to see the full tutorial, click below: