DIY: how to make cake pops

i think everyone and their mom has seen the latest fad of desert tables.
and if you have seen those then you are bound to have seen various cake pops.
personally, being pregnant i want to eat them all.
they do look extremely delicious, don't they??
anyways, after seeing these being used in so many different desert table ways
i decided that it was time to find myself a good tutorial to make them myself.
search and found.
this tutorial was discovered on little miss momma, cute blog.
to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: how to make an ottoman slip cover

this is a fun project.
back when i lived in utah i saw ottomans at garage sales and thrift stores all the time!
i always thought it would be great saturday DIY project to make a slip cover for one.
thanks to this wonderful tutorial found via design*sponge making a cover will be easy.
to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: faux fabric paper snowmen

who on this earth has the creative talent to invent these lovelies?
the ever crafty girls from whipper berry, is who!
i am steaming with jealousy.
i would rule the world with artistic talent like that.
but. hey. that's what this blog is all about.
helping me take one step each day towards becoming a crafting machine.
it will take many baby steps, but i think this project is the perfect step to take this holiday season.
to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: cupcake liner trees

i am sure you guys have seen these cupcake liner trees around.
i am just dying over them.
ah. love love love.
to make your own follow the tutorial from domestifluff
(don't you love that blog name... domestifluff.... so clever)
to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: anthro inspired gift box decoration

some of my favorite tutorials come from personal blogs.
sometimes i find that craft blogs show the same projects, but just different ways to do them.
so when i find a tutorial on a personal blog i get very excited.
which is exactly how i felt when i stumbled upon jamie's blog, life as a pepin.
her tutorial is super simple with very few steps. i love the outcome of her project.
this would be the perfect special touch to wrapping any christmas gift.
or if you bundled them all together you could make a cute ornament.
someone else i shared this tutorial with thought it would be a cute headband.
well whatever you decided to do with this project, i bet it will turn out great!
happy sunday.
to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: scrabble tree ornaments

this is a great tutorial for scrabble tree ornaments.
i have seen people make home decore out of scrabble words,
but never christmas ornaments.
it would be the perfect little touch to any neighborhood gift.
i always thinking about things i want to do for my future neighbors,
especially since i don't have any right now, just a bunch of empty classrooms.
(living in a elementary school and all)
this wonderful tutorial came from my sweet savannah.
to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: shabby chic fabric chandelier

check out this ultra shabby chic fabric chandelier.
i'm loving its look.
this was found on the all fantastic whipper berry.
(one of my many favorite blogs)
to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: make a gorgeous fall wreath (for cheap!)

guess who wins for my favorite person today?
Saved By Love Creations

she was sweet enough to feature me on her blog today,
also she gave me a spot as a sponsor for a week!
i mean how awesome is that?
so i thought what better then to feature her right back!
so i am happy to show you her wonderful tutorial on making a cute call wreath, for cheap!
this whole wreath cost her 9 bucks.
everything she got was from her local dollar store!
to me it's refreshing to see someone making a traditional wreath this year.
we have seen so many tutorials for these new trendy ones, which are amazing.
but i do enjoy seeing traditional as well.
anyways, enough of my wreath rant...
go check her out. she has lots more tutorials to show you!
thanks johnnie for the feature! 

to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: how to make letters with twine

well ins't this idea darling??
i am dying to make some for myself.
they for some reason seem so holiday-ish to me.
this gorgeous tutorial was put together by grace at sense and simplicity.
oh i can't wait to move home and really get started on all these tutorials.
happy monday and have fun crafting!
to see the full tutorial, click below:

DIY: make fabric christmas tree decorations

want people to see your tutorials?
write me.
i would love to feature your creations.
plus + i LOvE finding new blogs to stalk.
. . . . . . . . .
i love getting emails.
especially from super sweet people like cecilia, who writes so tei tei.
she contacted me to show me her new fabric ornament tutorial.
wouldn't this be perfect for an ornament exchange?
or a cute add to your neighborhood gifts?
i know for me i will be trying out this project with my youngest sister,
i really think she will get a kick of making her own decorations for the tree.
plus this project is really simple, which like i have always said, are my favorite type!
thanks cecilia for getting in touch, like i said earlier, i LOvE getting emails!
to see the full tutorial, click below:
* fabric christmas tree decorations *
. . . . . . . . . . .


DIY: glitter tree decor and holiday subway art printable

i know you have seen these before.
i always try to post my favorite projects, just to make sure i always know where to find them.
anyways, enjoy.
* * *
the wonderful sister of eighteen25 recently were guest bloggers on i {heart} nap time.
there they posted a really cute how-to on their glitter tree project.
i love the simplicity of how the trees turned out.
and even more how the coordinate perfectly with the holiday subway art.
(which, can be downloaded off of eighteen25 for free.)
you gotta love the fun holiday printable floating around the internet this season!
to see the full tutorial, click below:
to get to the download, click below:


DIY: make an ottoman from a coffee table

this beautiful how-to was found on little green notebook.

Little Green Notebook

i love her story behind creating this piece.
she was at restoration hardware and a ottoman (usually priced at 1200) was on sale fore 150.
she was so excited!
she quickly stepped out of the store and called her husband about purchasing it.
once she got the go ahead from the hubby she ran back in to get the prized piece.
and guess what. it was gone. in a matter of minutes someone else snagged it up.
she says that she was extremely sad about it and i can only imagine.
anyways, with that ottoman still in her mind she decided to try and DIY one of her own.
i love how it turned out.
and her tutorial actually makes it seem do-able,
her step by step pictures are easy to follow and the instructions answered all my questions.
to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: gorgeous fabric flower garland

this would look perfect in a little girls nursery.
(hopefully my little girl)
can i just tell you how much i adore this fabric garland from once wed.
and how much i want one in my room right now.
ah. it makes me happy.
* * *
enjoy your friday night!
to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: handmade gift wrap

i am a huge design*sponge fan.
so just in case you missed the last DIY wednesday here is my favorite project.
a tutorial on how to make your own handmade gift wrap.
i love how this came out.
just looking at this project really gets the gears turning,
i'm so excited to make my own wrapping paper this year!
wonder how it will turn out. 
to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: wreath christmas countdown

i don't know about you but i love everything about christmas.
it really is the happiest time of the year for me.
lucky enough cory (my husband) and i will be flying into utah
on this special day to celebrate with our families.
speaking of our families,
the last time i spoke with my family they had all the decorations up.
even their christmas countdown calender.
in memory of that little calender i decided to see what other people use to countdown.
i was lucky enough to find this tutorial on all things thrifty.
a little more complex, yet super cute, wreath christmas countdown.
to see the full tutorial, click below:

DIY: no sew scarf

i don't know about you, but it's cold up here in alaska.
like negative 6 cold. ugh.
so i thought i might try to warm us all up a bit with this no sew scarf tutorial.
it actually is pretty easy.
and the fact that you don't have to sew anything is always a plus. (at least for me)
this was found on maryjanes and galoshes, cute blog.
hope you enjoy the how-to.
and i also hope you are enjoying the first day of december,
...christmas is just around the corner!!!
to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: how to make your husband a tie

this project was found on purlbee.
i need to stop going on that website, i want to order everything i see.
i should be focused on christmas presents, but instead i just want the fabric.
anyways, i love this tutorial.
i think my husband would actually wear a handmade tie... i think.
who cares i still want to make him about twenty!
he always wears the same ties to church, always!
honey, i think it's time we gave your sunday best an upgrade!
to see this full tutorial, click below:


You DIY: make your own stamps

want people to see your tutorials?
write me.
i would love to feature your creations.
plus + i LOvE finding new blogs to stalk.
. . . . . . . . .
lovely sara recently got in contact with me.
so today i am happy to introduce her blog, sweet november, to you!
this girl is a crafter and a great one at that.
(you should see her craft room, i love it!)
well today i am happy to feature her make your own stamps tutorial.
the best part of this feature is this will be the first stamp project on GS!
i hope you enjoy!
to see the full tutorial, click below:
. . . . . . . . . . .


DIY: framed dessert table trays

some people in this world are just purely blessed with creative talent.
a great example is lindy whose tutorial on ruffled caught my eye.
wouldn't these frames add the perfect punch a dessert table.
what gorgeous ideas will people think of next?
to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: make your own cloth bibs

aw. are you guys falling for these bibs as much as i am??
i love the fabric and will probably need to get some after seeing these!
the best part is the tutorial is super easy to follow.
yes, easy enough for even me to do.
this came from purl bee.
which is probably why i am loving it so much.
to see the full tutorial, click below:


You DIY: gobble gobble turkey beak

want people to see your tutorials?
write me.
i would love to feature your creations.
plus + i LOvE finding new blogs to stalk.
. . . . . . . . .
recently the wonderful katie got in touch with me.
i am so happy to introduce her blog the 30 girl to you!
she's one creative gal with tons and tons of project tutorials.
(you should go see for yourself, i promise you'll enjoy)
today i am excited to feature her turkey beak project with you!
it's a refreshing spin off from the ever popular mustache fad going on right now.
perfect for the many many pictures you'll take tomorrow!
to see her full tutorial, click below:
. . . . . . . . . . .

p.s. i am completely embarrassed. for some reason the email that i put on the top of my blog was not the one that i was checking regularly. SO i have lots of emails to answer. if you recently wrote me about a project and i never got back to you, don't worry, i will!


DIY: thanksgiving chalkboard

i love it.
i love it.
i love it.
seriously, i love everything about it!
i can't wait to DIY my own version.
thank you this and that creative for the inspiration!
to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: mod podge a frame with wrapping paper

look what you can make from a cheap wooden frame!
oh i love it when people make amazing things will almost no money at all.
and i love how people can think to make something like this.
i could have a frame, mod podge, and wrapping paper and still not think of this craft.
goes to show you why i have green submarine,
a place to keep track of my favorite diy projects other people do!
this tutorial is brought to you from craftily ever after.
to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: modern tree centerpiece

i don't know about you but we decorated for christmas early in my family.
in fact the last time i "skyped" with my family they already had their tree up!
with thanksgiving coming around the corner i can't help but be grateful.
i am so blessed to have the family that i have, parents and sisters, i love them!
i am also so blessed to have the husband that i do, he works so hard and has such drive.
i am also grateful for bethel.
i know i might complain about my little town, but in truth i will be sad to officially leave.
with all that said let me get back to DIY...
 and show you this project from HWTM (hostess blog)
can i just tell you that i LOvE everything about this blog... EVERYTHING!
if you live under a rock and haven't been, GO.
but warning first, you might find yourself spending excessive amounts of time
browsing the many wonderful ideas, i know i do!
to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: flower pin

umm yes please.
i absolutely, positively want to make this!
i have seen so many tutorials for rosette flowers,
which are GREAT don't get me wrong. 
BUT it is sooo refreshing to see a new flower tutorial pop up!
this was found on jones design company.
i am loving the funky look of this felt flower.
maybe i will make one tonight.
maybe you should make one tonight!
to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: girls ruffle jacket

this project makes me happy.
i don't know if i have mentioned it, but I WANT A GIRL!
i went to a check up yesterday and my dr. said she would bet money its a boy.
haha. i know if i have a boy i will LOvE it.
but right now i am still hoping for a girl.
 i just really want to do fun projects like this one.
 i found it on ashley ann.
go check her out.
to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: string lamp shade

what a great idea!
make your own lampshade... with string!
honestly i like the look, something i could see in my future house.
this was found on diy ideas.
to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: no sew holiday runner

it's been since i've posted design inspiration from design*sponge.
so. i am happy to show you this tutorial on how to make a no sew holiday runner.
i love projects that are simple.
even more i love projects that involve no sewing.

 to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: changeable shoe bows

what a fun way to dress up any sunday shoes!
i found this tutorial on a lemon squeezy home.
i hope you enjoy.
for the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: crepe paper rosettes

i love streamers.
every birthday my parents decorate with rolls and rolls of crepe paper.
colorful streamers would be around every corner of our house.
so when i came across a tutorial for crepe paper rosettes, i had to share.
this is from house of smiths.
(you know how you find a blog you instantly LOvE, this blog is one of those)
it is such a great idea and i can't wait to make some for a baby shower or nursery.
if you get the right colors you really could use them for anything, even home decor.
to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: stuffed mustache

with the holidays just around the corner
why not make a fun prop to take family pictures with?
especially the little kids.
how cute would that be?
this project came from see kate sew.
that is one girl who is C.R.E.A.T.I.V.E!

to check out the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: octopus happiness

i found this tutorial on moda bake shop,
but it was actually created on melly and me.
i can't help but look at cute handmade plush toys lately.
i keep trying to find the perfect first toy to make for my future little one.
this one is up there on the list.
i mean who doesn't want to play with a octopus?
for the full tutorial, click below: 


DIY: pretty patterend vases

i am sorry.
so very very sorry... you are getting another vase project.
*okay so am really not sorry at all*
i loved the vase last project so much that i had to show off this vase project as well.
its from paper n' stitch. <-----LOVE THIS BLOG!
this is such a simple way to spruce up any vase.
to check out the how-to for all the fun instructions!
 to see the full tutorial, click below:
* pretty patterend vases *