DIY: bandana apron

project #14 of 20 in august
how darling is this bandana apron?
what a fun idea. like seriously super fun.
with my interest in cooking starting to rise this could come in handy
it is from the lovely ashley ann.

to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: braided rug

project #13 of 20 in august
this weekend i have been feeling a little off.
spent most of the day in bed eating cinnamon toast crunch. yum
i did get my p90x in, but instantly laid back in bed when i was done.
school has started again so my life now includes 12 dorm kids.
one good thing did come from my 'day of rest'
i found this adorable tutorial!
it is from moda bake shop.
hope you enjoy.
to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: long necklace holder

project #12 of 20 in august
this is a great idea.
cheap too. the hooks she got at walmart for a dollar.
the project was found on lemon tree creations.
can i just say that i am absolutely in love that blog.
i get all sorts of excited when they post something new.
i think this is the third project i have featured by them...
probably with many more to come!

to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: large scale canvas art

project #11 of 20 in august
i used to do this same idea to t-shirts.
maybe one day i'll make a tutorial for them.
i love the idea of doing this on canvas. why didn't i think of that?
what a fast and easy way to make beautiful art
that not only look flippin expensive, but it easy.
i found this tutorial on the new domestic.
to see the full tutorial and take this tutorial for a spin, click below:


DIY: j-crew tee repurpose

project #10 of 20
sheeesh. i under estimated how busy i would be this month.
so i changed my posting goal from 31 post this month to 20.
a little more realistic for me with all the craziness going on.
(12 dorm kids, moving again, work, school starting)
AND to top it off by husband and i have a bet that i can't finish P90X.
you just watch i will do it! already one week down.... 12 to go (gulp)
well now that he is at work and i have caught up Tvo-ed episodes,
i can focus again on crafts.
which brings me to this wonderful idea.
how to make a plain shirt a totally fantastic shirt that i want
this tutorial was done by jessica at the hills are alive.
and i a perfect tutorial... what makes a tutorial perfect?
easy step by step instructions + with pictures... emphasis on the easy.
if you would like to see jessica's full tutorial, click below:


DIY: felt rosette wreath

project #9 of 31 in august
this is the perfect summer wreath.
actually it is perfect for anytime of the year.
i found this tutorial on the pretty poppy.
very cute blog, you should stop by sometime.

to see the full tutorial, click below:
* felt rosette wreath *

DIY: Eco Travel Lid

project #8 of 31 in august
i found a new blog today.
she is the creator of this beautiful travel lid tutorial.
what a great idea!
great for that perfect dish you bring to a summer party.

want to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: notebook makeover

project #7 of 31 in august
with the joys of going back to school just around the corner,
i thought this would be an appropriate project to feature.
this is from the lovely ashley ann.
she is my hero when it comes to DIY.
one day i hope i can post half the projects and tutorials she has made.
i mean wow. she is good at what she does.
for this project she show us how to dress up an old notebook into something great.
why not send your child to school in style.
i can't wait to make some for my youngest sister,
she is now a big girl about to venture into kindergarten!

to see the full project tutorial, click below:


DIY: animal mugs

project #6 of 31 in august
what a fun project!
(they provide the printable stencils for the animals)
this would be perfect for some thrifted cups!
i found this at country living.
along with a couple other fun craft projects,
but you will wait to see those.
to all my readers and followers i just wanted to say thanks.
your comments make my day!
and your emails are so fun to read.
you guys are the best!
to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: gathered clutch tutorial

project #5 of 31 in august
thought i would take a step in a more 'girly' direction.
i would love to make myself one of these clutches,
or it could make the perfect addition to a birthday present!
luckily, anna from noodlehead put together a how-to!
ah. if only i could be a pro at sewing like she is.
i have no idea how to even operate a sewing machine,
let alone make a gorgeous clutch.
but all we can do it try, right?
like the buff guy from P90X says:
"do your best and forget the rest"
haha. (weird little tangent)
this is why i collect tutorials, i could use all the help i can get.
just wait till you see anna's other fun tutorials!
you will be on her blog for hours.

if you would like to see the full how-to, click below:


DIY: loving this scrapbooklet

project #4 of 31 in august
this is when i would kill for a craft store near by.
cory and i have so many fun pictures from our newlywed adventures.
this little scrapbooket would be a perfect keepsake for him... or me!
i found this incredibly cute tutorial on a new favorite
this series is on the lovely blog marta writes. (great blog)
there are so many fun features in the 'how-to series'
from things like:
'how-to pick the right throw pillows' to 'how-to plan a childs party'
it's refreshing to see a tutorial site with more than just craft projects...
(says the girl who's blog is only craft project tutorials)
anyways, back to the scrapbooket.
the tutorial might have been featured on the how-to series,
but it was made by eeny from eeny's universe.

 i think she did a great job with this tutorial, you will agree.
to see the 'how-to' for yourself, click below:


DIY: filing cabinet

project #3 of 31 in august
before i start this post i would like to inform everyone
that this project was created by jackie sarager.
you might ask, who is this?
well let me tell you.... my old babysitter!
YES. it is true. she babysat me when i was 4-8 years old.
how crazy is that?
then she was like what twelve?
now she is a super cute mom with two adorable kids
and a blogging master!
you must check our her blog house of sarager, i LOvE it!
anyways, i thought you all would want to check out this project.
it's the perfect pick-me-up for those old metal filling cabinets.

if you would like to see the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: terms of endearment tea towel

project #2 of 31 in august.
i love it when people email me their tutorials.
it is always so fun to see what people have created
+ i LOvE reading/ finding new craft blogs.
this project comes from chas at belle and burger.
i love her post on the tutorial.
i believe most of us have little names we call those dear to us.
i call my youngest sister taytay-bo-naynay
and named my husband mr. finklestein.
how cute would it be if i made my sister a tea towel
with her nick name embroidered into it.
what fun memories.

to see the full project tutorial, click below:

special thank you to chasity!
your tutorial turned out fantastic.
keep crafting!


DIY: mouse pad makeover

today marks august first.
wow. this year has flown by.
i moved to alaska on january first,
which means i have been out of utah for seven months exactly!
it is crazy to think that i am here,
 but even more crazy to think i will be here much much longer.
to kick off this month i have decided to commit to a post a day.
yes. a new fun diy project everyday.
i know that for some people a post a day is childs play,
but for me it could be hard. (this will be a busy month for me).
so here we go
 31 days in august 
31 diy project tutorials.
to start we are featuring a tutorial to makeover
your plain jane mouse pad.
don't you love them?
design*sponge was where i found this lovely how-to,
 yet it was created by man made diy.
this is one of those projects that i wonder why i didn't think of this.
but i am glad i found it, my mouse pad at work needs some color!
another great thing about this tutorial
is that they offer printable stencils for these two designs.
so if you like what you see, you can make it!

to see the full tutorial to make over your own mouse pad, click below:
* mouse pad makeover *

want to see your project on green submarine?
email me: greensubmarinedesign(at)gmail.com
tomorrow i will be featuring an emailed project by chas...
you'll see tomorrow!