DIY: applique pillows

need to add some personality to your favorite pillows?
why not take this project for a ride.
i found it on design*sponge.
who hasn't found something inspiring on that site. i LOvE it.
to read up on the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: framed chalkboard

can you believe this gorgeous framed chalkboard was thrifted?
i LOvE it! thank you design sponge.
projects like this make me sad about living in alaska.
utah thrift stores, i will be back to shop you soon.
- i promise!
for step by step instructions on how to turn a old mirror
into something that is amazingly lovely. click below:


DIY: fabric ring

i realized something. i haven't posted any ring making tutorials.
sorry. when i was looking through my list of projects to post
i couldn't believe that this hasn't been posted yet.
- - - - - - - - -
let me introduce you to mrs. priss!
wonderful blog, i might add.
she is the maker of this lovely tutorial on fabric rings.

like she says, the possibilities are endless.
if you would like to see her project start to finish, click below:


DIY: fabric pumpkins

oh i LOvE finding new blogs.
thompson family blog has quickly become a favorite.
she did this amazing tutorial on fabric pumpkins... gorgeous!
if you want to check the full instructions
i would suggest you click below:

DIY: felt fridge magnets

i can't help but wonder. why didn't i think of that?
felt. self adhesive magnets. easy.
design*sponge always finds the perfect projects.
thank you.
if you like this idea and want to bring
a splash of color to your fridge.
check out the tutorial, click below:


DIY: candy jar toppers

look what i found on eighteen25.
yes. i have posted A LOT from this blog.
i can't help it... i am in LOvE!
check out the free download below!


DIY: vinyl wall hanging

some people don't like to use vinyl on their walls
so why not put it on a canvas to hang
great idea from v&co!

check out how she did it, click below:

DIY: to do list *frame

update up your dry erase board with left over
scrapbook paper or better yet fabric!
I found this idea on u-create,
who found it on get your craft on!
two amazing blogs i might add.

turn a thrift store find into the perfect to do list!
the girls at eighteen25 provide the download to do so!
click below the picture to check it out!


DIY: headbands

these ideas are all from heart of light. great blog by the way.
she makes fantastic tutorials!

* braided headband *
(click above for tutorial)

(click above for tutorial)
(click above for tutorial)


DIY: cardboard storage boxes

i know my last post was also from make it and love it.
i can't help it!
take a look at these storage boxes she made from cardboard!

to check out her instructions for this project, click below:


DIY: shower curtain

shower curtains can make or break a bathroom decor.
the hunt for something original can take awhile.
so why not make your own!

these instructions come from make it and love it!
she also has a lot more tutorials that i am sure you will love.
if you want to get directly to this tutorial, click below:


DIY: Lace Frame

this is such a great idea!
i can't wait to get started on it!
i found this on u-create,
who found it on trey and lucy blog.


DIY: balloon invite

with cory's birthday coming up,
i've been looking out for birthday crafts.
no i will not be using any of these ideas for cory.
but it would be a fun idea for a baby shower,
or maybe kaylee's (my youngest sister) birthday.
found on party accessories, very cute blog.

want to see the other party ideas she has, click below: