DIY: lovable tissue paper art

my computer broke.
my one life line in alaska flopped.
cory (my husband) is going to fix it...
fixing crashed computers was in his marriage resume.
i made sure of it.
the only reason i am telling you this is because
my future greensubmarine posts were on my computer.
so until cory accomplishes his duties as computer fixer
you get to enjoy my newest finds (like found today).
first to be featured is this lovely project from mandy.
i love the simplicity.
this is def a project i will be doing with my youngest sister.
the perfect rainy day project!
to see the full tutorial from mint and clandy create, click below:


DIY: Petal Pillow

its a cold rainy day in alaska.
but looking at this pillow from V&Co makes my day brighter.
i can't wait to go back to utah and get the supplies to make this.
isn't it gorgeous.
i wonder what colors i will end up making mine i with.
it will probably end up just like this one, i really like it.
if you would like to make a pillow of your own, click below:


DIY: new necklace? yes, please.

who doesn't like a great knock off.
i think people who can look at something at the store and think
to themselves, "i can make that," are flippin gifted/awesome.
especially when they take picture and make beautiful tutorials.
like erin from lemon tree creations did.
to see her full tutorial, click below:


DIY: free invite templates

have a party coming up?
why not use a free download from download and print
they pull up directly to a word document and are easy to change.
i LOvE free ideas!
they have many more choices,
i just picked my six favorite.
to check it out for yourself, click below:


DIY: summer table toppers

it might not feel like summer in alaska,
but i know it feels like summer back home (utah/arizona).
this fantastic tutorial from MADE will help
make those yummy summer dinners beautiful.
be the talk at your next family bbq with these lovely table toppers.

if you want to get the know for giving your

kitchen table a slash of color, click below:

* summer table topper *


DIY: fabric wall panels

i need to go to bed.
but i have a reason to stay up....
this is my 100th post!
- - - - - - -
i love everything about this studio.
the colors. the design. the simplicity.
ah. i want one!
this studio and tutorial come from Bella Dia.
great blog. honestly, if you haven't gone. GO!
to see her full tutorial, click below:

DIY: cardigan embellishments

you don't have to say it.
i will say it for you....
i absolutely LOvE finding amazingly lovely new blogs.
you will die from love. i did.
they are the girls who put together this perfect little tutorial

to check out the how-to, click below:


DIY: doily mirror

if you text my name ANGIE
it will write the word BOGGE instead.
since i first met my husband he had called me BOGFORD.
anyways. i didn't find this project.
he did.
- - - - -
what husbands will do to keep there wives happy in alaska.
*fyi: it is cold. wet. oh did i metion cold??
what happened to summer?
well who need summer when you have paper'n stitch.
yes. they are the makers of our lovely doily tutorial.
to check out the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: no sew banner

i LOvE banners.
especially no sew banners!
yes. this project requires no needles or stiches.
so easy. so fun. and oh-so-lovely.
the fantastic tutorial comes from paper n stitch.
to check out the full tutorial, click below:


DIY: pom pom flower

wow. i really can't sleep tonight.
here is a tutorial i found about a mintue ago.
its from domestifluff. really cute blog.
it teaches you to make a pom pom flower.
very clever.
to see this full tutorial, click below:


DIY: lovely book plates

oh the books i want to read this summer.
i was looking for some book plates for the school.
i would LOvE our dorm kids to read my books,
but i want to make sure they know where to return them.
- - -
i didn't think i would find such adorable plates.
imedietly became a must share.
this FREE download is from image zoo.
want to download them for yourself, click below:


DIY: creative pillow covers

i adore any project that involves spray paint.
people just have such creative ideas.
especially from V&CO.
she constantly wows me with her amazing tutorials.

to see the full how to, click below: