birthday in a box.

my husband works out of state two weeks out of each month.
i am glad that he has a good job, but the time can be hard.
friday, april 6th, was his 27th birthday.
the poor guy had to be all the way in North Dakota celebrating alone.
so i thought a BIRTHDAY IN A BOX care package would be perfect for him!

i recently came across this awesome idea to send a loved one a big box of balloons.
they are super light and very cheap to ship!
with the idea in mind i got to work.
went to target and picked up a 5 dollar birthday decoration bundle.
bought some extra balloons to add color.
went to the nearest bakery and picked up some yummy treats.
(cookies and brownies ship best. make sure to wrap it tight in plastic wrap)
on the balloons i wrote little messages like,
"i can't believe your 27."
"i love the birthday boy."
"don't worry 27 isn't too old."

then i filled the box full of all the goodies!

then onto the fun part!
i thought the inside of the box was so fun the outside needed some spunk too.
bing an idea popped into my head... colored duck tape!
i got silver and white.
they sell colored duck tape at walmart for about 3.50 a pop.
it makes all the difference!

- - - - - - - - - -
happy birthday sweetie!
i love you.

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