DIY: cupcake pie goodness

this is my first do.it.yourself food post.
i didn't think i wanted to add food projects to this blog
but these cupcakes were just too cute.
i had too. hope you enjoy.
this project came from funambulist damsel.
to see this how-to and her other tutorials, click below:


DIY: suzani pillow

quickly. before i turn in for the night.
i wanted to share with you this pillow idea.
a cheap way to make a suzani pillow.
flippin gorgeous.
i found it on design*sponge.
they found it here.
do it for the pillow.
i promise it will LOvE the new look.
to see the complete how-to, click below:
* suzani pillow *


DIY: pacifier clips

i don't have any pregnant friends right now. *sigh*
but i do gave a number of friends with babies under one year.
so maybe i do have a reason to make these.
how long do babies use pacifiers?
hmmm, i might have to google that.
- - - - -
this wonderful tutuorial comes from disney at ruffles and stuff.
(i love the name disney)
she says that you can make 8 of these for just $1.
i also LOvE cheap crafts.
to see exactly how to make these little gems, click below:


DIY: doily clock

NO FLIPPIN WAY. this is so exciting!
thank you to all that decided to join.
- - - - -
i should be in a cab heading to work right now.
but i wanted to quickly share this with you...
i have recently become fond of projects with dolies.
so when i saw this tutorial, it was a must post.
the project comes from keren at *FPTFY*

if you want to see her full tutorial, click below:


DIY: flower corsage

yet another lovely flower tutorial.
this little beauty is from V&Co.
if you haven't had a chance to visit her blog. go. like, go now!
her tutorial is quick and easy. the kind even i could do.
to see the full how to for this project, click below:


DIY: rainbow pouf

yes. i am going to make this(someday).
you can hold me to it.
- - - - - -
this rainbow-ific project is from design*sponge.
were you suprised? i wasn't.
i always find amazingly beautiful ideas on that site.
one day i would love to meet the girls who run it.
- especially kate - i post alot of her projects -

to see the full tutorial. which is a great one. click below:


DIY: mod tree decor

oh goodness, this one really is a quickie.
(if you have the right tools, that is)
i personally don't have a tree punch..
but trust me i will be purchasing one just for this idea.
this craft idea came from MaryJanes and Galoshes.

to see her full tutorial with pictures and everything, click below:


DIY: wall flowers

next semester my husband and i will be dorm parents again.
i am so excited to decorate the girls dorm before they come.
most girls come from small alaskan villages.
no running water, no toilets, no target!
(target is up there on my i miss most list)
some girls have never even had their own bed.
it will be so fun to help them decorate their very first rooms.
- - - - -
ooo la la. i just might faint from happiness.
i am so glad that i found this project.
thank you dana from MADE.
this will make dorm renovations very cheap and easy.

to see the fabulously done tutorial, click below:


DIY: diy artwork under $five

i LOvE saving money. LOvE it!
so when i found this post on do it yourself i was thrilled.
about ten projects all under $five.
this project is made from styrofoam squares,
empty christmas ornaments, and decorative tape.
- - - - -
to see the how-to and more cheap ideas, click below:


DIY: no sew fabric flowers

oops. i might have found my newest obsession.
don't tell my husband.
he already thinks i obsess over too many projects.
but how can i not be in love with these...
they are incredibly fantastic.
and to think that they are no sew!
of course this is from dana at MADE, her pictures are gorgeous.
i will be very surprised if you don't fall as deeply in love as i have.
to see the full tutorial (which i know you will), click below:


DIY: paper clock

i can't sleep. again.
it must be no sleep week in alaska. maybe i didn't get the memo.
well since i am up, why not post a new find.
- - - - -
how fun is this clock? i think it is flippin fantastic.
did i ever mention that i LOvE super simple projects.
YES. i too can get lazy.
so the more simple a project is, the more i fall for it.
the lovely kate from design*sponge made two clocks to share

to check out the full tutorial, click below:

* paper clock *



DIY: pottery barn inspired, Floor Cushion

i can't sleep...
i thought i would quickly post another fun DIY find.
this was found on Living with Punks, cute blog.

to check out her full tutorial, click below:


DIY: book art

i get sooo excited when i find awesome projects.
you know...
the ones that you want to start making the second to see them.
this project from lemon tree creations was just that!
Font size

the tutorial is so well done. every step explained perfectly.

to check out the how to, click below:

* book art *


YOU Did*It*Yourself: felt fortune cookies!

i decided to add a new segment to greensubmarine.
YOU Did*It*Yourself
i want to showcase projects that YOU took on!
this was sent to me by MAELYN from ik ben glamsterdam
she took on one of my valentines day finds, which you can find (here).
great job maelyn!
they turned out perfect!


DIY: bird mobile

look what i found on spool!!
just like the last post this project is simple, yet oh-so-lovely!!
i can only imagine how fun it will be to create a baby nursery of my own someday!

like this project?
get the tutorial and free bird patteren, click below:

DIY: watercolor cards

feel like saying 'hi' to an old friend?
why not send them a handmade card.
kate from the lettered set teaches us how to make
beautiful cards with some watercolor, paper, and stickers! simple, yet oh-so-lovely!
to check out her tutorial, click below:


DIY: flower headband

a cute little tutorial to go along with my last post on fabric flowers.
i love the color of this headband.
headband and tutorial from on my side of the room.
want to see the how-to so you can make one, click below:


DIY: tattered flowers

i am a sucker for fabric flowers.
i saw a blog post where a new mommy put some on her daughters onesies. the next day i bought some onesies to put flowers on...
and i don't have any kids! haha.
i am going to make one mom-to-be very happy!
i found this tutorial on sew4home.
if you want to check out this how to, click below:
- - - - -
wait... one more thing i want to show you!
there is a current post on oopsey daisy that has over
3 dozen fabric flower tutorials, click (here) to enjoy!
i know i did!


DIY: amazing scarves!

look what i just found!
an amazingly awesome scarf tutorial!
this came from meet virginia (i'm her newest follower!)

i can't wait to make some!
if you want to make some too, click below:


DIY: record room divider

i don't have a lot of time
(i need to pic up one of my dorm girls)
but i quickly wanted to post this idea from design dazzle...
a record room divider.
this just a little too modern for my place, but still very creative

if you want to see the compete how to, click below:

* record room divider *


DIY: vellum mobile

i LOvE this idea.
i also LOvE where it came from: oh happy day!
to check out this wonderful ideas tutorial, click below:

DIY: watercolor silhouette

people will come into your home and think you bought this!
this is such a great idea!
we have heard so much about silhouettes lately.
this project brings it up a notch.
watercolor silhouette... LOvE it!
i found this idea on, the lettered set. its a very cute blog!
if you want to see the step by step tutorial, click below: