DIY: mouse pad makeover

today marks august first.
wow. this year has flown by.
i moved to alaska on january first,
which means i have been out of utah for seven months exactly!
it is crazy to think that i am here,
 but even more crazy to think i will be here much much longer.
to kick off this month i have decided to commit to a post a day.
yes. a new fun diy project everyday.
i know that for some people a post a day is childs play,
but for me it could be hard. (this will be a busy month for me).
so here we go
 31 days in august 
31 diy project tutorials.
to start we are featuring a tutorial to makeover
your plain jane mouse pad.
don't you love them?
design*sponge was where i found this lovely how-to,
 yet it was created by man made diy.
this is one of those projects that i wonder why i didn't think of this.
but i am glad i found it, my mouse pad at work needs some color!
another great thing about this tutorial
is that they offer printable stencils for these two designs.
so if you like what you see, you can make it!

to see the full tutorial to make over your own mouse pad, click below:
* mouse pad makeover *

want to see your project on green submarine?
email me: greensubmarinedesign(at)gmail.com
tomorrow i will be featuring an emailed project by chas...
you'll see tomorrow!


  1. Very cute idea! Painting your own mouse pad looks like fun- but I ponder who tricky it will be to make my OWN mouse pad. For someone who works in internet marketing 12+ hours per day it's odd that I don't own one... :)

    Keep up the fun tutorials!

  2. LOVE this.
    I'm in need of a new mouse pad look.