DIY: j-crew tee repurpose

project #10 of 20
sheeesh. i under estimated how busy i would be this month.
so i changed my posting goal from 31 post this month to 20.
a little more realistic for me with all the craziness going on.
(12 dorm kids, moving again, work, school starting)
AND to top it off by husband and i have a bet that i can't finish P90X.
you just watch i will do it! already one week down.... 12 to go (gulp)
well now that he is at work and i have caught up Tvo-ed episodes,
i can focus again on crafts.
which brings me to this wonderful idea.
how to make a plain shirt a totally fantastic shirt that i want
this tutorial was done by jessica at the hills are alive.
and i a perfect tutorial... what makes a tutorial perfect?
easy step by step instructions + with pictures... emphasis on the easy.
if you would like to see jessica's full tutorial, click below:

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  1. Cute! I gave you the Blog With Substance Award today on my blog!