DIY: terms of endearment tea towel

project #2 of 31 in august.
i love it when people email me their tutorials.
it is always so fun to see what people have created
+ i LOvE reading/ finding new craft blogs.
this project comes from chas at belle and burger.
i love her post on the tutorial.
i believe most of us have little names we call those dear to us.
i call my youngest sister taytay-bo-naynay
and named my husband mr. finklestein.
how cute would it be if i made my sister a tea towel
with her nick name embroidered into it.
what fun memories.

to see the full project tutorial, click below:

special thank you to chasity!
your tutorial turned out fantastic.
keep crafting!

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  1. thanks for linking! love your blog and all the great folks I get peek of !!!