DIY: kids valentines: ipod heart candy cover

hello again.
today's post is short and sweet.
my husband just left for work (yes. he works through the night) so i am going to get my hulu on!
haha. i need to catch up on my glee, wipeout, and modern family.
speaking of modern family, did anyone catch wednesdays episode?
PRICELESS. i loved it!
- - -
well just so that you still get your project fix for the day
here is a fun project from family fun.
i am big into free printables, especially being a primary teacher
(primary just means i teach the really young kids a my church)
it is so easy to find a fun printable to make a cute little handout for the kids.
the kids love it because they are four and will love anything.
i love it because it is EASY.
anyways, i saw this post and thought it was a great idea for valentines day treats.
they just easily go over the message heart candy boxes.
to see the full tutorial, click below: