DIY: totes, totes, and more totes (how to print on totes)

alright it is crafting time, lets get our thinking caps on and figure out what we want to create next.
hmmm... i was thinking maybe printing your own tote bag.
with school right around the corner, it will be the perfect project for you and your little one.
i bet she would be so excited to show off her newly designed tote at school.
i know my youngest sister would.
i might need to make one for her, i mean no first grader should go without it, right?

or you can click below:

if you don't have the time to make your own tote and would rather purchase one.
 then i have some favorites to show you!
especially the ones below...
i am loving these fantastic totes all under fifteen bucks.

square paisley design

i think my favorite is the scrabble piece tote and definitely the hedgehog.

what are your favorites?

or do you know a place that we can find even more fun totes?

i would LOvE to hear about it!