DIY TUTORIAL: monster t (found for baby boller)

so even in the far outskirts of alaska, where the weather could freeze fire, i have found friends.
i don't want to play favorites, but my bethel buddy ANGIE just might be that.
she came into the bank one day and we got on the topic of DIET COKE.
not long after we found out we had the same name, she was asking me on out first lunch date.
i know, very romantic.. ha ha.
no, seriously though, having a close friend in my tiny little town MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE.
so ang this tutorial is for you.
of course, that little bun in the oven your baking, mister Elliot.

tutorial was found on roca and company.
if you haven't been to this blog GO.
you will not be disappointed.

or you can click below to see tutorial:

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  1. yahoo!! cant wait to make these with you friend!! i will get supplies on the next trip into the BIG CITY.......and yes it will become a date that will be VERY romantic.....love ya lady!