DIY: felt fortune cookies

i love fortune cookies
i love valentines day
why not make some fortune cookies for valentines day!
this project is so SIMPLE and QUICK
you could have 5 of these cookies done in ten minutes
AH. i wish bethel had a craft store.
till then i will keep making lists of things i would craft if i could!
these cookies will be on the top of my list,
maybe in a different color tho.
if you want to try out your fortune cookies making skills
check out the full instructions from martha stewart, click below:


  1. Cute Ang! I've been doing tons of DIY stuff lately now that Camryn is on a great schedule, and I've got the time too. I'm refinishing her glider chair for her room right now. I love this kind of stuff! And I totally already have the rosette felt pillow instructions bookmarked for one of my next projects. Why did we not have craft nights while the boys were playing?!!

  2. i have no idea. we should have. when we get back to utah that will be a must! take pictures of you working on your glider chair, i want to blog about it!