DIY: valentines day goodies

BHG you have done it again!
Check out all of these fun VALENTINES diy projects!
Click the link under each picture to go directly to the tutorial.
HAVE FUN. I know I will this Valentines Day!
These lavender filled sachets will be
the perfect gift for the valentine on your list.
Give your valentine something they can cuddle up with!
this wonderful pillow is perfect for hiding love notes
for your special someone.

Have a book lover in your life?
make them this simple valentines day bookmark!
* Felt Book-lovers-mark *

Sometime is not about what you give,
but about what you do.
Have a tight budge this month, give love labor!
(download and print these coupons for free)
* Coupons of LOvE *

Need a gift that will take only minutes?
Cover your valentines favorite candy bar!
* LOvE Covered Chocolate *

With a votive holder, muffin liner, and colorful string
you've got yourself adorable petite packaging!
* Petite Packaging *

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