DIY: hand jewelry display

no more alaska.
at least not for 10 days.
i am enjoying a lovely vaca in san diego.
sadly, my hubby couldn't get time from work to come.
fyi{cory}: i miss you.
but am living it up anyways with my college roommate from '08.
we like to call our time together reboot sessions.
i know. i know. i shouldn't blog on my vacation.
but i can't help it.
i just have so many fun finds i want you all to see.
just like this project clara from the home in paradise did.
i am always in awe with the creativity people have.
this display is cute,trendy, and super simple.
yea. i know. it doesn't look that easy, but
don't you worry, you'll feel better after seeing the how-to.
her steps are simple and easy to follow.

to see the full tutorial, click below:


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