the days have been many

I couldn't tell you what did it, but just like that I got my mojo for blogging back. I loved to blog, but was feeling lost with the amount of blogs I had, one for craft, one for food, one for family. BLAHBLAHBLAH. I mean who needs that many blogs? Then I had this so called grand idea to merge them, thinking it would create this Super Blog.... nope, in fact it made me want to blog even less feeling like GreenSubmarine had been tainted by all this personal stuff.....

So with the frustration, I stopped, probably the dumbest choice I have made yet.

Then tonight while going through my nightly facebook check I saw a post my friend Kayla had posted.

I was disgusted with myself.

Here is this amazing friend of mine, who is the inspiring mother of Recker, an EXTRAordinary little autistic boy.

She had started a completely new blog, a wonderful blog, a blog that I have now read every word on.
P.S. If you get urge to read, bring tissues, it will be a tear fest!

Kayla is such a champion, along with all the other AMAZING moms that I used to read about.


I am not missing out anymore. Nope, nope, nope.

*on a side note. below is a link to Kayla's blog it's A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. people!
**on a double side note she is looking to have people vote for her latest post on BLOG HER. (the link here)
***if you have a blogher account please leave my blog at once..... and vote. it will take two second out of your time. (sweet things happen to sweet people)Our Holland. An Ordinary Blog about and EXTRAordinary boy.

----------------------------------- thank you.

So now that I am blogging again I really should tell you that this blog STILL drives me crazy. I mean GreenSubmarine, what is that? What can I do with it? Other than post craft link after craft link, not much. So sad to say, but eventually this blog will have a real make over. A new name and new look and a new concept. Tell then me and the Submarine will just need to get along.

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  1. Ang! i just saw this and YOU ARE AMAZING! thank you so much for all the kind words, i love you!!! And your BLOG! its so adorable! i need to put a Green Submarine Button on my blog! You have always been the best friend anyone could ask for and I'm proud to call you one of mine! love you and hope to see you soon!!!! ps i need to see more pictures of your little mini!