diy felt and ornament wreaths.

I am sooo excited for this holiday season. Everyone is so festive and cheery. Christmas spirit IS a real thing and I love seeing everyone becoming infected by it. I am definitely infected, for sure, but my house was lacking. A quick trip to pinterest for some DIY Christmas inspiration made me realize a fast and easy craft that is sure to get your home perfectly festive.
I couldn't choose which wreath to do so I did two. A white felt one for the inside and a ornament one for the outside. How do you think they turned out?
I have listed links to both the tutorials I used below.
Have fun! Oh and make sure if you make one to show me on Instagram!
Tag me @angiebrian on your photo, I would LOVE to see!


Her cuteness was screaming "take my picture, take my picture."

I can't help feeling super grateful today. I feel so patriotic, happy, and full of life. I would like to say this is my natural constant demeanor, but we all know that would be a lie. No, I am crediting this sudden burst of hippie life lovin to the book Unbroken. If you haven't read it, please do. Or better yet be like my husband and I and listen to it. It is amaaaaaaaaaaazing.
On a different note, today was total and complete bliss. I spent the early morning snuggled on the couch with the babe, listening to her sing along with Blues Clues. My husband was spending the day with an old friend from Alaska and I was free to do what I wanted. I don't know if you can tell, but I love it when my husband is out with friends.... love it! Since Brynn and I were on no ones schedule, we decided to make a trip to Target. There we shopped a bit, walked isles a lot a bit, and oooo'ed and ahhh'ed over the new pillows and decor a whole lot a bit.
Then, the best part of my day happened.
Brynn stole my heart...again.
Upon leaving she decided to turn on the charm and kept running to different walls, steps, and curbs. Her cuteness was screaming "take my picture, take my picture." I was happy to oblige.
Thanks to this girl and her outstanding love for being outside we left target with photos that will melt my heart for years to come.
I sure love you Brynn, your spunky personality and love for the out doors are just two of the many reasons I absolutely adore you. - Your Mom.


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Sharpie Mugs

Miss Brynn, my husband, and myself are moving to North Dakota.
I am extremely nervous and thought the only way to keep my sanity this winter was to open GS again. So here I am. With a new look, I am fired up and ready to blog. Hmmm. Now I just need to find some fun projects and inspiring crafts. Excited to get back to this blogs DIY roots.

Here is an easy project.

Using a SHARPIE doodle your little heart out onto a mug. I found some awesome Target mugs at Good Will for 50 cent a piece. Once your artistic creation is complete BAKE at *350 for 30 minutes. Your mugs will thank you.